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Compare/Contrast of “Mother Tongue” and “Everyday Use”

Readings:                    “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan (Wayne Teaches English 111 Reader Third Edition )

                                    “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker (Wayne Teaches English 111 Reader Third Edition  )

Length:                        3-4 pages, excluding the Works Cited page 

                                     minimum page requirement of three complete pages 

Format:                        double-space; MLA formatting required (Rules for Writers, page 464. 468)

Perspective:                Third person perspective (no first or second person)


Use of critical thinking to analyze academic texts through close reading

Use of comparison/contrast to evaluate academic texts

Use of direct quotations (with proper MLA citations) to support the analysis


You must choose THREE (3) themes/elements of comparison/contrast to explore between the two readings.  You will need to highlight the similarities and the differences within each theme.

Some sample themes:    language, culture, family, resilience, mother/daughter relationships, education, identity

NOTE:  a comparison of the biographies of the authors is NOT allowed as a theme.  You are welcome to develop your own themes of analysis as well, so long as your essay includes three (3) – no more or less – themes of evaluation 

Assignment & Outline: 

The Introduction (minimum of eight sentences) must include:

· the full title of both works

· the full name of both authors

· brief (2-3 sentences) biographical information on each author

· a brief summary of the plot/ narrative of each reading (2-3 sentences for each reading)

· a grammatically correct, insightful thesis statement which previews the three themes/elements of comparison/contrast

Body Paragraphs (each a minimum of eight sentences):

Choose one of the following organizational styles (see your notes, Blackboard materials, and the Wake Tech Reader):

· point-by-point (each body paragraph is devoted to a particular theme)

· block-by-block (body paragraphs are devoted individually to one of the two readings)

Body paragraphs must include:

· thorough analysis of the theme as it relates to the plot and characters 

· direct quotations (at least one per paragraph) supporting interpretation of the theme

· clear analysis of the theme as it enhances understanding of the story without unnecessary plot summary

The Conclusion (minimum of six sentences) must include:

· A reiteration of the three themes/elements of comparison/contrast

· Insightful commentary elaborating on the usefulness of compare/contrast evaluations

Works Cited

You must create your own works cited entries for this essay.  Works cited entries should follow the standard format outlined in the new 2016 MLA Eighth Edition format. (Rules for Writers, page 449). The works cited page does not count in the minimum page length requirement of three (3) complete pages.

Points to Consider:

· You are responsible for creating works cited entries based upon our discussion of MLA 8 entries of a selected work from an anthology.  Use your notes, the sample entry from the first essay project, and the template provided on page 449 in Rules for Writers

· No outside sources are permitted.  Essays which include material other than the assigned readings cannot receive a score higher than “D”.

· Essays not reaching three complete pages in length (excluding the work cited page) cannot receive a score higher than “D”.

· Essays not following MLA 8 formatting cannot receive a score higher than “D”.

· No second person (you) permitted.

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