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Respond to two or more colleagues, “See attachment for detailed instructions” in the following way:

  • 3 – 4 paragraphs 
  • No plagiarism 
  • APA citing 
  • 24 hours

Week 7 Discussion 1

Discussion – Week 7

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Discussion: Performance Management System – Evaluations 

This week we will briefly review various aspects of performance management and feedback.  A model is provided that is useful in linking performance management systems with organizational strategic objectives and goals.  It is important to consider carefully who will do evaluations; specifically, what they will evaluate; how the evaluation will be administered; and appropriate measures of evaluation.  Critical guidelines to effective performance systems suggest specific, immediate feedback based on clear, measurable goals delivered by a credible, trustworthy person are desirable.

Effective performance management systems require cooperation between employees and supervisors to set performance expectations; review results; assess organizational and individual needs, and plan.  Today’s streamlined organizations have fewer employees with broader job assignments and increased responsibility and accountability.  More than ever, organizations need broader measures of employee performance to ensure that performance deficiencies are quickly addressed with employee development programs; behaviors are being channeled toward specific objectives; and appropriate and specific feedback is provided to the employee to assist in career development. 

Strategic Human Resource Management –

To prepare for this Discussion, pay particular attention to the following Learning Resources:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

· Evaluation – Week 7 – See attachment

· Evaluation Measures – See attachment

· Social Responsibility, the SDGs and Human Resources – https://youtu.be/n_X9uJ2kgUk

· Key Takeaway from Corporate Social Responsibilities – See “W6 Lecture” attachment

Assignment: –

Respond to two or more colleagues, “See listed below” in the following way:

· Propose two suggestions on something your colleague can do in the future to positively change the behavior they identified.

· Provide a rationale for your suggestions based on your experience and the Learning Resources for the week.

· 3 – 4 paragraphs

· No plagiarism

· APA citing

1st Colleagues – Tammy Grider

Tammy Grider 

Week 7

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The performance management system has several purposes and of of its purposes is to facilitate employee development. It does this by addressing the things that employees need to sustain and improve in. It tells them their strengths and weaknesses. Another purpose is to provide the data that impacts the needs assessment for training and development. The performance management system is also used to determine rewards and compensation, and it is also use as a motivational tool. The performance management system is used to facilitate legal compliance and the final purpose is to facilitate the HR planning process. 

I have been in the military for the last 26 years as we have an performance evaluation system for noncommissioned offers and officers. If the raters are honest on their evaluations of their Soldiers it can stop them from getting promoted and making the next rank. From what I have seen, most raters do not give their Soldiers a negative evaluation because they are not trying to hurt their career but they are hurting them in the long run rather they write a bad evaluation or not. They also have counseling statement that are supposed to be done to let a Soldier know where they are in their performance and this is done for Soldiers of all ranks. However, people have gotten lazy and have gotten away from doing any form of performance counseling and that is only hurting the Soldier and the supervisor in the long run, especially if they want to do any time of punishment when a Soldier does wrong. How can you punish someone when there isn’t a paper trail to inform that person of what they are doing wrong? 

Performance evaluations are a good thing to do because it gives an accurate assessment of what the supervisor see in their employees and give the employee an opportunity to correct anything that is wrong and it will also give them guidance on how to fix what is wrong. 

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2nd Colleagues – Nina Smith

Nina Smith 


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This a system that is shared with management and employees to create a plan for performance improvement. They work in collaboration to create an action plan. Within this system, there are steps such as creating a goal, feedback and coaching, and then performance review and evaluation. 

At my current job, they use this structure.  Employee performance is checked so often. We have one on one meeting with our team leads weekly. This gives time to talk about our needs, strategizes, and vent if need be. This time is also for our team lead to answer questions and concerns but also talk about opportunities if there are any and coaching. Each month, we set a goal and review it at the end of the time frame to see if I am meeting those goals. If not, how do we strategize so that I am meeting those goals and if I am, what do I think is helping and are there areas of opportunity for growth. For me specifically I make the highest green time and sometimes call and talk time on my team. That means I am available to our students and I am actively engaged and helping them. The negative to this, is that I do not give myself any red time to do what I want such as join meetings I used to go to for DE&I topics, professional development, I stay on green for most of my not so important meetings which always turns into interruptions because I get an inbound call. So, though I am exceeding in these goals, there are still opportunities there for me to grow as a better employee and advisor and finding that balance. I am competitive. My team members do not worry about availability and they all take their breaks and do professional development and go to the meetings they want. They all make the required green time and a few are right under it. My competitiveness creates missed opportunities to work on professional development so that I can move up in position. I am due to possibly be promoted in July and professional development training is coming up for me in April. I have to learn and grow with these areas of opportunities my team lead has prevented me so I do not delay or miss an opportunity to be promoted. 

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