Updating Dissertation For Prem based on the feedback we need to update paper Skill/Criteria Meets/Exceeds Criteria Minimally Proficient Not Pas

based on the feedback we need to update paper


Meets/Exceeds Criteria

Minimally Proficient

Not Passable


Introduction/Problem Statement/Purpose

Claims are clear and explicitly stated. The organization is complete and logical with a progression of ideas leading to an understanding of why the research is needed and/or why the intervention/design/experiment is likely to work. Illustrates creative thinking and insight gained from past research.to build background knowledge for the reader.

The significance of the study section is not compelling or detailed enough to make a case for the study.

Research Questions/Thesis

The question or thesis is original and significant in its potential contribution; it calls forth new knowledge; is fully developed by the work of the proposal and has obvious potential to address critical issues within the respective field.

The discussion in the researcher positionality section does not reflect the position of the researcher in relation to the research. There is a disconnect between what the section should entail, and what is actually there.

Conceptual/Theoretical Framework

Current theories are connected to and provide a clear framework for the research; well-versed in theory; gaps in the research identified in existing theories; discusses the impact on existing theories their research implies.

The section presents discussions on issues surrounding the research.

Literature Review

Critical engagement with current relevant literature in the field. Demonstrates the gap in the literature relevant to their study and makes a compelling argument as to why the candidate’s research/project will address the gap, significantly contributing to the body of research in their field. Synthesizes research literature findings; identifies larger themes, inconsistencies and/or relevant patterns; themes evident in headings.

The section contains a lot of extraneous and distracting statements used as sub-headings. This makes the session seem less than completed work, but more like ongoing, incomplete work.

Does not present a detailed enough literature background for the study. Referenced materials are very minimal.

The section repeats and paraphrases things that have been said earlier, but very little attempt is made at providing a review of literature about the work.

Proposed Research/Project Design

Project is described in sufficient Detail so that the reader could replicate the study. Subjects (number, type), Materials & Measures, and Procedure are all described well. Statistical Approach is thoughtful and accurate.

Not explained. The proposal merely made mention of “qualitative methodology,” but does not, in any way, give specific indications as to the needed specifics for this section.

Furthermore, the section does not reflect the direction the candidate had verbally indicated he was taking his research henceforth, ie, the “project” direction earlier discussed.

Data/Analysis Procedures

Identifies participants in the study and provides rationale for their selection; describes sampling methods. Describes the procedures used to conduct the study for sample recruitment, informed consent, maintaining data. Describes the steps taken during data collection

Describes the data collection instruments. Includes rationale for these instruments. Includes copies of actual instruments to be used.

Not discussed. The section presents further discourses on other things BUT what this section requires.

In the section titled “questionnaire,” (as in the entire section), the discussion is presented as if the work is completed. If questionnaires are indeed part of the methods to be used in this work, there is no prior mention of how the respondents will be identified and recruited, what the instruments are, and how/why the selection is made.


Meets/Exceeds Criteria

Minimally Proficient

Not Passable



Study biases and/or limitations within the study clearly understood and discussed; ethical issues are considered appropriately; discussion of connection between methodology and data analysis clear and concise.

Not adequately addressed, as in earlier sections of the submission, the discussions provided give various explanations and treatises about issues surrounding the research without actually addressing what the respective section should be about.

APA Style & References

APA style is used correctly (note esp. headings, citations, reference list, tables and figures). All sources are properly cited in both.

Needs work

Style & Grammar 

Writing is fluid, precise, and clear; lexicon of the field is clearly explained and defined; the tone is professional; vocabulary and syntax are mature; scholarly style and format are accurately used; the candidate’s ‘voice’ is heard and yields a definitive presence, authority, and understanding of the issues being discussed.

The language and diction needs work to present very clear and conscice explanation of the concepts being discussed.

Additional Comments:

· Please fix the front page

· Remove notations made on chapter 2 on the content page

· Find an APA sample paper to help with layout and formatting issues: see https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/paper-format/sample-papers

· Please clean up the notations and suggestions in the paper

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