Training and Development

Training and Development

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In the Unit V Assignment, you developed a lesson plan for a specific training topic and wrote the initial details for a lesson/presentation related to the selected topic. In this assignment, we will create the actual presentation. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the following course learning outcome:

3. Develop strategies for communicating safety and health training in the workplace.

Follow the instructions below, save all of your work in your presentation file, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.Using PowerPoint or other presentation software, create a complete presentation based on the outline you developed in Exercise 5.4 of the Unit V Assignment. For each slide, include the narration that the speaker will use when making the presentation. You can include the narration in the notes section of each slide, or you can record the narration and add it to the slide (newer versions of PowerPoint have a record narration function). The slides should only display information and graphics that supplement the narration. Be sure to follow best practices for creating presentations. Helpful information on how to construct a successful presentation can be found in the links below:The following webpage offers best practices for preparing presentations: following presentation offers best practices for presentations: following video explains how to use basic features in PowerPoint: presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides with narration and a maximum of 20 slides. Be sure your name and the course number are included on the first slide. If you do not have presentation software, you can download Open Office for free at contains a presentation module with functions similar to PowerPoint.

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