theory of Meiosis Please address the following in your Write-Up:
Main theory/goals of Meiosis: wh human biology

Please address the following in your Write-Up:
Main theory/goals of Meiosis: what is the purpose and function of Meiosis?
Hint: Comparing purpose and function to Mitosis would be helpful.
A few sentences will suffice.
Describe what is happening under the microscope/on a cellular level during Meiosis.
Hint: Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis phases and how chromosomes (DNA) are handled would be helpful
Putting your responses from Tables 15.2, 15.3, and 15.4 from pages 208 to 210 from your lab manual in a written paragraph(s) will be helpful.
Type out and answer the Thought Questions (questions 15, 16, and 17) on page 213.
Answer these additional thought questions:
What would happen if fertilization occurred with human sperm and oocytes that were diploid? How many chromosomes would the fertilized egg have?
What aspect of Meiosis if any confuses you? Are YOU left with any questions about Meiosis. Write them down. Let me know. It is okay to ask me questions.
Optional Bonus 2-points (Not included as part of your page length).
I am very strict about giving out extra credit points. In order to get these 2 points, you will need to perfectly address the following:
Write a Haiku showing that you understand Meiosis, its purpose, function, and how it works. The execution of the Haiku must be flawless, and your understanding of Meiosis needs to be correct.
YouTube explanation:
This Haiku needs to follow the instructions of a Haiku perfectly AND be scientifically meaningful.
Funny and scientifically accurate Haikus will get these points easily.

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