Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan for Recycling Cosmetics Packaging You are required to follow t Business and Management – Business plan

You are required to follow this format for your Business Plan, including numbering each section and using the headings for each numbered section. I will not accept any Business Plan that does not follow this format. The SE Business Plan MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word format. The is assignment must be based on facts and research, imaginary numbers CANNOT be used in the financial plan. The focus of the business should be on the idea of recycling the packing of cosmetic packaging and products.

**Executive Summary**
– Objectives
      1.Overview of Social or Environmental Issue
      2.Current Trends
**Root Causes**

2.Keys to Success
    1. Social Impact Model Diagram
          -Social or Environmental Issue Definition
          -Vision of Success
          -Description of Operating Model
          -Description of Social Impact Strategies

**Company Summary**
1.Company Ownership
2.Legal Structure
3.Startup Summary
4.Company Locations and Facilities

**Products or Services**
1. Product or Services Description
2. Competitive Comparision
3. Sales Literature
4. Sourcing
5. Technology
6. Future Products

**Market Analysis Summary**
1. Market Segmentation
2. Target Market Segment Summary
3. Industry Analysis

**Strategy and Implementation Summary**
1. Competitive Edge
2. Market Strategy
3. Sales Strategy

** Mangement Summary**
1. Personnel Plan

**Financial Plan**
1. Startup Funding

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