Social Dynamics of Groups in the Organization (U8) You are an external industrial-organizational (I- Psychology and Education

You are an external industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist hired by a manufacturing company to implement the team concept with all production employees (800 employees) and managers (100 managers). Company ABC wants you to create a program that addresses the criteria below.

– Create an organizational structure for the 800 employees and
    100 managers that utilize teams. How will the 800 employees be
      implemented into teams? How many teams will each manager
      be responsible for?
– Identify the types of teams selected and qualities utilized for
      team members.
– Create a training program that you will train the employees and
      managers on (any topic you believe is valuable for them).
– How will you ensure that the participants are able to understand
    and apply the training knowledge in the workplace?
How will you assess the effectiveness of your training program
    after it has been completed?
How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the team concept after

A minimum of five sources, and must be referenced according to APA Style

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