Slam book Your paper will incorporate (a) a general discussion of Slam! as it relates to your specif English and Literature – Argumentative essay

Your paper will incorporate (a) a general discussion of Slam! as it relates to your specific topic which is feminism , (b) a specific claim about feminism that reflects your thoughts about what you have read in Slam, (c) several examples taken directly from Slam! that support your claim about the aspect you have chosen as well as the context surrounding your specific argument, and (d) why reading this book (or any book) (or COMIC books!) is relevant to any time, culture, and society (WHY IS IT IMPORTANT).
You may use events or characters from Slam book as a springboard to explore current issues in feminism. Poverty, violence, the female body, the workplace, institutionalized beliefs, positions of power, social roles or definitions of ‘female,’ free enterprise and capitalism, etc. Be sure that you select several examples from Slam! That will ‘launch’ you into a discussion of how similar events or people have shaped, or are in the process of shaping/Re-shaping, our world today.

Formatting: Your paper should—

–Be 2000 words in length, not including Works Cited page
–Be typewritten, stapled, double-spaced, and use 12 point, Times New Roman font
–Contain margins with no more or no less than one inch of space on all four sides
–Be thoughtfully titled
–Adhere to current MLA formatting standards for heading a paper and citing sources
–Include NO LESS than 3 counterarguments
–Add in the 6 sources throughout the essay from annotated bibliography located in files.

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