Sit 1 See attached. This is a 5 part assignment. Identification of Research and Investigative Issues and Questions: From the situational report, comprise

See attached. This is a 5 part assignment.  Identification of Research and Investigative Issues and Questions: From the situational report, comprise a list of concerns and issues that are relative to your position. Hint: There are a least a half dozen issues and concerns for each position. You must articulate why your issue is a concern and not simply list it without explanation. For example: Do not simply list “Ticket Quotas”. If you feel this is an issue, explain why you feel ticket quotas may be problematic for the city. List those issues very specifically as this will be the launch pad for your over-all inquiry. 



As Special Prosecutor, duties include the examination of legal concerns, discriminatory practices, issues of evidence handling, and enforcement actions. Ethical boundaries have been dismissed, with a lack of accountability amongst the individuals who are entrusted in upholding the law. There is a duty to the city of Courtelaney Pass to bring forth justice to a racially biased community. All issues are presented to resolve citizen unrest, possibly.

Missing Children

The disappearance of minority youth has been a prevalent issue that has provoked limited concern. Kayla’s case was mishandled as a result of failed police procedures. Kayla’s disappearance was downplayed as a probable runaway by the responding officer from Courtelaney Pass Police Department. Insufficient investigative measures were conducted throughout the case. Reporting of her disappearance went undocumented, in conjunction with careless evidence gathering at the crime scene and obsolete autopsy findings.

The African-American community was outraged by the insufficient investigation of Kayla. Despite the history of child abduction, the connection failed to be acknowledged. During the past seven years, six children were discovered “missing” from their bedrooms, subsequent to their bodies being found in wooded areas. The lack of interest by the reporting officer resulted in him leaving without documenting the incident. His duties were not sufficiently fulfilled, which will prompt further investigation.

Evidence Handling

The victim’s autopsy was poorly conducted. Sexual assault suspensions were dismissed by visible small puncture type wounds on the backside of Kayla’s right thigh. Even though this may have contributed to her death, the concluded cause of death was premature. Exhumation of the corpse could potentially lead to unresolved answers.

Identified Suspect

In connection with the missing children, a suspect was identified. Following through with the information will provide justice to the families. Investigating the accusations of Officer Iozzi will require probable cause that he committed a crime. Officer Iozzi is protected by the Fourth Amendment, which restricts the issuance of warrants without probable cause. The use of a subpoena for officers who are aware of Iozzi’s actions will mandate public information to be brought forth. (Standards on Prosecutorial Investigation,n.d)

Lack of Minority Reporting

Minorities are deprived of constitutional rights as evidently by the blatant dismissal of complaints. Many Hispanic residents are reluctant to seek aid due to possible deportation. Immigrants are likely to become victimized by street crimes because of their lack of citizenship. a white city councilman stated, “I couldn’t care less what happens to those people…. they don’t vote!”

Local police must uphold the Constitutional and civil rights of persons regardless of their immigration status. The New Haven Police Department created a general order on verification of immigration status. The new procedures prohibited police officers from inquiring about their immigration status unless they were investigating criminal activity. The systems did not prohibit cooperation with federal authorities investigating or apprehending illegal immigrants suspected of criminal activity. Still, it did prevent detention based on the belief of unlawful presence or a civil immigration violation. (Griswol, McFadden, Murph, & Hoffmaster, 2010)

Excessive Use of Force

Reports from residents states, “policing is biased against them, and that unnecessary and excessive force is commonplace.” After speed trap enforcement, African-American residents are twice as likely as whites to be ticketed for intersection violations. Additionally, the CP Police Narcotics Unit was implemented in response to increased violent crime rates. As a result, a drug dealer shot at an undercover officer who returned fatal fire.

Courtelaney Pass enforcement tactics are not extraordinary measures in reducing crime rates. However, protocols have to be within constitutional laws. Unless there are witnesses to attest to the officer’s side, the case is one-sided. Subpoena of surveillance equipment will offer further detail of the fatal incident. Furthermore, access to the internal affairs investigation, which cleared the office will reflect the officer’s self-defense claim.

Hiring Practices

Courtelaney Pass Police Department lacks diversity among its staff. The demographics of the agency is an incongruent reflection of the community, with 94% of the department is white—minorities within the agency work in non-sworn support roles. Minorities rarely pass the entrance exam while qualifying applicants pursue employment with State Police.

The selection of qualified law enforcement candidates presents challenges to find quality candidates of any ethnicity. However, discriminatory employment practices remain a prevalent concern. An assessment of the department’s hiring process will ensure adherence to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOC), which subjects all hiring procedures regarding entry and promotion selection to include application forms, written tests, etc. for EEOC review. Hiring applicants from different backgrounds contribute to improved community relations. (Dempsey, 2019)


Too often, law enforcement can surpass ethical standards. It appears that legal issues have been swept under the rug for years throughout Courtlancey Pass. Subsequently, racial tensions have arisen. I must present justice to these unresolved issues. With further investigation, an arrest can be made, and peace can be restored among the community.


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