Referencedoc1 QUESTION ONE a) What is Wireshark? What are the advantages of using Wireshark? b) What are some indicators one might see within Wireshark


a) What is Wireshark? What are the advantages of using Wireshark?

b) What are some indicators one might see within Wireshark or another analyzer tool that may indicate a current or past attack?

c) Why is timestamp important on logging tools?

d) What is the difference between a port and a protocol?

e) Describe briefly what is meant by intrusive scan.

f) Define a MAC address, ARP, DNS, and spoofing in your own words.

g) Explain why conducting an ARP attack on your virtual machine is legal.



a) Research the Caesar Shift Cipher and provide a brief explanation of the practice and history of its use. Is this type of encryption symmetric or asymmetric?

b) use the shift cipher to encrypt your response in “a” and explain it.


Discuss the John the Ripper password cracking tool used in Linux. How is this tool used to bypass single factor security methodologies? What are some current password requirements you would implement within a new organization to safeguard against such tools? Provide an example of a secured password.


· Understanding the complexities of data transmission and how it relates to the information technology field is a key foundation to understanding the digital world. How does data flow? Where is it most secure? What are the differences within a technical system as it relates to data in a computer system and across a network? In a 3-minute video for novice cybersecurity students, Discuss the difference in data at rest, in use, and in transmission. Explain how you would secure the data. Describe how the strategy changes, and when it’s in use, at rest, or in transit.


In not more than 500 words, do a lab report and include a title page, table of contents, overview, and summary on hashing. Let your report contain the following.

a) What is hashing?

b) Provide examples of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

c) Explain why hashing or message digest is important.

d) Describe what a collision is and how it affects hashing.

e) Explain what the difference is between the differing levels of the hashing algorithms and why might you want to use one over the other.

f) Explain PKI and describe what role cryptography plays in PLI. Identify some common uses for the technology and how it is important in keeping information secure.


China is considered to have a highly functional cybersecurity division within its government, consisting of several organizations. Identify one of these organizations. Provide a brief description of the organization and a summary of your findings. Describe a recent attack where they have been caught performing malicious cyber acts. How has the government reacted? Finally, research and compare the U.S. cyber capabilities to those of China and provide a summary. 500 words


Exploring the world of cybersecurity, we often fail to realize the full implications of a cyber-attack associated with cybercrime. Who would have jurisdiction in a cybercrime? How would an investigation be performed based on the type of attack? Provide an example


Research a news article within the last 5 years where sex trafficking and technology were entwined. Provide a summary and a direct link to the article. Given the international scope of this trade and its link to technology, what are your responsibilities as a cybersecurity professional if confronted with proof an employee or client has accessed such material? What actions would you take?


Discuss cyber incident response teams (CERT). Using the internet, find a job posting directly related to an incident response team. What is their role in a large organization? What qualifications do you need for such a position?


 what is PII as related to cybersecurity. How could this information be used to steal the identity of another person? What are some practical steps you would suggest to the general populace to safeguard their information and reduce the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft? 


As a cyber professional, you are asked to conduct intelligence gathering activities. Write a 250- to 500-summary to be emailed your immediate supervisor identifying what cyber threat intelligence and information is, and why it is important. Add a screenshot of the abusive or illegal activity. Identify if the activity in question is a cybercrime or cyber-assisted crime if carried out. Compare and contrast a cybercrime versus a cyber-assisted crime using your example as a basis for discussion.

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