Questions To Answer Regarding Modern Africa See attachment regarding Humanities class. Questions are about “Modern Africa” Questions must be answered in

See attachment regarding Humanities class. Questions are about “Modern Africa” 

Questions must be answered in the same Word document. 

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Study guide for Chapter 21

Modern Africa

1) In 1800, the transatlantic slave trade was reaching its peak, with nearly __________ enslaved Africans transported to the Americas each year.

2) Instead of trading goods such as iron, textiles, and household implement as done previously, what did many African states choose to do in exchange for materials and finished good from European traders?

3) How was the “krio” (creole) pan-African society created?

4) Which two diseases were particular limitations to colonization of Africa before the nineteenth-century?

5) What was the name of the meeting held from 1884 to 1885, which resulted in the division of the African continent among Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain?

6) What is the name of the region in Central Africa which demonstrated perhaps the greatest abuse of colonial political and economic power?

7) What is the principle behind the system known as assimilation?

8) How was British policy of indirect rule different from the French?

9) How were the most successful forms of Christianity in Africa came to be known? Did they have institutional ties to European denominations of Christianity?

10) How did colonialism help the expansion of Islam in Africa?

11) What is negritude and who founded it?

12) Define apartheid.

13) In what decade did African independence took place?

14) What are some reasons (internal and external) that have contributed to the failing of the economic growth and improved quality of life of the African continent even after achieving their independence?

15) Which African country represents a notable success story in the continent despite an economic collapse in the 1970s?

16) Define gelede

Know that the image below represents the gelede masking tradition.

A picture containing text Description automatically generated

17) What is a common agreement African art in terms of meaning and purpose?

18) Who created this coffin with the shape of a cocoa bean? Which country is the artist from?

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19) How did music styles such as rumba, blues, and jazz were created in the Americas? (Mention the mixture of musical traditions they contain)

20) What is something that African musical styles emphasize making the call-and-response format critical?

21) What do the Soukous styles of music reflect?

22) Which type of music influenced the development of Afrobeat music in Nigeria and Ghana?

23) One of the most popular songs of the twentieth century “The Lion Sleeps tonight”, was based on an original song by whom? Know it originated in Africa.

24) What is the tradition in modern era literature that many African authors have continued?

Modern Latin American

25) Before the movements fueled wars of independence, Latin America had long been under the rule of colonial Europeans. Which 2 groups in specific?

26) Mexico’s president Alvaro Obregó, initiated a mural movement in 1920 with what purpose?

27) Who painted this composition (The Two Fridas)? From which country?

Frida Kahlo, Mexico

Frida Khalo- The Two Fridas - Canvas OR Print Wall Art

28) Who painted this composition ( the Jungle)? From which country?

See the source image

29) Who is known for his/her “swollen” figures that fill the canvas like balloons and satirize the Latin American ruling elite? Also know this artist is the creator of this composition (Mosa Lisa at the Age of Twelve). What country was the artist from?

Mona Lisa Age Twelve [Fernando Botero] | Sartle - Rogue Art History

30) The most popular forms of popular Latin American music are those associated with __________.

31) Where do these type of dances come from? – Samba, Tango, Pasillo

32) Who is Latin America’s best known classical composer, where was he born and know he composed the following composition ( Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5) (Listen to the song as music may be played in the exam without titles)

33) Jorge Luis Borges often merges the “real” with the imaginary so that his readers become disoriented and are forced to reconsider the relationship between __________.

34) Jorge Luis Borges is to the short story as Gabriel García Márquez is to the __________.

35) Isabel Allende’s novel The House of Spirits (1982) creates a fictional world that reconstructs the history of __________.

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