Questions Regarding Painting/ Art See Attachments Chapter 22 study guide 1) Define Avant-garde 2) Define abstraction 3) What is the name of the art style

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Chapter 22 study guide

1) Define Avant-garde

2) Define abstraction

3) What is the name of the art style where artists emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism, intending to shock the viewer visually and psychologically? Who was its leader?

4) What is the style of this painting (Femme ou chapeau (Woman with a Hat)) and who is the artist that created it?

Henri Matisse painting Woman with a Hat, from 1905. in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

5) How does cubism differ from earlier styles? Who were its leaders?

6) Who painted Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, what is the style?

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7) Define collage

8) Who composed Tango au Bal Bullier and what style of abstract painting does it represent?

See the source image

9) Define Futurism

10) Who painted Improvisation No. 30 and what style does it belong to?

See the source image

11) Who composed the ballet score of “Le Sacre du Printemps (The Right of Spring)? Why was the public shocked during its premier? And what happened in that first performance?

12) When did the Great War (later called World War I) started?

13) Define Dada

14) Who created The Fountain? What style of art does it represent?

See the source image

15) What are the 2 approaches of surrealism’s subject matter?

16) Who is the most famous surrealist artist, creator of The Persistence of Memory?

Salvador Dali Print The Persistence of Memory Picture image 1

17) Who was the leading painter of the De Stijl movement?

18) The __________ movement, founded in 1917 in Holland, sought to integrate painting, sculpture, architecture, and industrial design, and championed a “pure” abstraction.

19) Who created the Composition with Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and Grey? What art movement does it represent?

20) Is this sculpture (Bird in Space) considered abstract or figurative? Who created it?

See the source image

21) What is the International Style?

22) Who is the architect for this famous house in Pennsylvania, USA?

See the source image

23) Name the American artist who had a primary interest in natural forms and colors and subject matter such as flowers and animal bones.

24) Who composed Yellow Calla?

Visual search query image

25) Name two Modernist American poets influential because of the complex, multifaceted, technically innovative and densely allusive works.

26) What literary technique did James Joyce used to get readers into the character’s minds? Define this technique.

27) A controversial music composer who undermined the music stability of western classical music and although his music is hardly heard he has become one of the most famous composers of the 20th century. Know he composed the following composition (Variations for Orchestra) (Listen to it as it may be played in the exam)

28) Who is responsible for the invention of fascism? And where was it first stablished?

29) Nazi is the abbreviation for________________.

30) What is the name (and translation) of the Nazi’s policy which they claimed justified the geographic expansion of the “superior” German race into territories of other countries?

31) Who painted Guernica in response to the bombing of a defenseless Basque village?

See the source image

32) What does the Depression, often referred to as the Great Depression refers to?

33) What is the name of an American photographer known for her documentary style of photography? Know she took this famous photograph titled Migrant Mother; Nipomo Califormia

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34) Mexican photographer whose photographs record daily life in Mexico creating contrasts between young and all, small and large, front and back period. The photograph below (Generation to Generation) was taken by her.

A person holding a child Description automatically generated with medium confidence

35) Name an American artist associated with regionalism, who painted places inhabited by the middle class, representing ordinary things that had previously been deemed unworthy or not is attention?

36) Who created the following painting (Nighthawks):

See the source image

37) Regionalist artist, best known for his murals and was radically anti-European. He painted the following composition (Missouri Mural) :

See the source image

38) Who created the painting They Also Found Discrimination ?

See the source image

39) Name a writer who chronicled the American South.

40) What is the name of one of the earliest and most important American operas and who composed it?

Listen to a section of it:

41) Define jazz

42) Who is the composer of Maple Lead Rag? What is this style or type of music? (listen to it, as music will be played but titles will not be shown)

43) What does scat singing refers to? Who is a singer associated with it?

44) What is swing jazz?

45) A great jazz pianist, composer and conductor of jazz ensemble, associated with swing music and big bands? Also composed the composition below (Concerto for Cootie). (Listen to the song as it may be played in the exam)

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