Q5B Q5b. 200-275 words max. If a work mobile device is lost or stolen, several different security features can be used to locate the device or limit the

Q5b. 200-275 words max.

If a work mobile device is lost or stolen, several different security features can be used to locate the device or limit the damage. Identify at least four of these security features or apps. Describe how these features can limit the damage to the organization for a lost or stolen device. Would you recommend any of these features or apps to your school or employer? Why or why not?


A. John

Good afternoon Professor and class,

Whenever a mobile device is lost or stolen, there are several ways for security features that can limit the damage.

1. Personal pin on mobile devices – whenever businesses give business phones to employees, they can protect the device by adding security pins on their mobile devices.

2. Phone trackers – if businesses are smart, they would also add phone tracking services on their business phone devices. When it gets lost or stolen, they can easily track where the devices are depending on whether the phone and GPS are turned on the phone.

3. Back up information – there are some features on the phone where the users can log in to their laptops and disable the lost or stolen phone. They can then report it to the phone company where they will disable the phone so that no one can use it.

4. Lastly, there are some applications on the phone where if your phone gets stolen/lost, whenever someone tries to unlock it and failed, it will take a picture of the individual. Users can then log into their laptops and view the cloud.

In my opinion, being educated on these types of incident are important and I am sure that companies have their own SOP if certain events like this happen.

b. Mireille

Hello instructor and class,

One of the most successful location-tracking programs is Google’s Find My Device. It allows you to track or locate a lost device and take appropriate measures to protect your personal information, such as factory resetting the device. If you lost your device, say at home, you can find it by calling the phone number. You can also leave messages on your phone for anyone who finds it, such as your phone number. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use its security features to lock it and wipe its contents. Find My Device includes an interior map collection for locations such as airports, malls, stadiums, and other significant structures, making it easier to locate your device.Life360 is a comprehensive location-tracking tool that lets you keep track of your missing phones and tablets. It also features a feature that allows you to share your location with your friends and family. With this tool, you can create groups, ask others to join, and follow their whereabouts on a private map that only the members of the group can view. It also allows you to view the location history of all members of your group. In addition, if you misplace a device, you can track its whereabouts by going to www.life360.com and logging in.

xfi Locator is a simple software created just for the purpose of tracking down misplaced gadgets. You can rapidly travel and locate a misplaced device using live maps. You may use the app to create several accounts and devices. It also has an alert feature, similar to Find My Phone, that helps find a misplaced smartphone by ringing and vibrating it. Not only that, but you can choose from a range of map formats, including high-resolution and street view maps, with xfi Locator. You can also track down a misplaced device by logging into the app or visiting the app’s website, xfilocator.com.

c. Hayden

If a work mobile device is lost or stolen there are multiple security features one can implement to maintain higher security. One security feature is to use a MDM so that if the device is lost one can remote wipe the important data from it. Another feature one can use is the actual mobile devices security feature such as setting up a password on the mobile device. Having a consistent back up from the mobile device ensures that if the device is lost one does not lose all the progress that was made on that device. Finally a company can use GPS services on phones to check if the phone is still somewhere nearby or recoverable; this allows companies to retrieve the device if possible without letting it get into the hands of an attacker. I would recommend using at least an MDM on any mobile devices provided by my school or employer has if the phone is lost it allows for remote wiping of data. In addition it allows for better security that can be managed by a security team.

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