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 one page 2-3 references

Scenario: You will be applying your topic to a current health care issue that involves health information systems. Select a current healthcare problem in your community or your organization that needs to be researched and improved. Since you will have to select data that already exists and then project future data collection, it would be wise to find your possible data sets before you begin.  Your organization might also need to find ways to address existing trends to improve healthcare delivery. The Berkeley Library site below has many resources for state specific statistics.

Your one page paper needs to include the location, the topic, and the population you will be working with. If you have problems coming up with a topic, contact your instructor.

LOCATION: This week, you will submit a one page paper in which you select your topic and the location or region or organization that you will apply the topic to. You may use a health care organization that you work at or you may select a local or regional health care system. The purpose of choosing an application is to ensure that you analyze a real life situation and problem and propose a reasonable solution for it. The issue must involve a proposed solution using healthcare informatics and data analysis.

TOPIC: Select a current topic that presents a problem with healthcare delivery that can be improved by using a data analysis process to create the quality improvement.

INTRODUCTION: Start describing the reasons that the new data collection process is needed and how it will help the organization deliver on its mission and execute on its strategy.

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