Proposal need a 3 page proposal Page 1 of 2 Project 4: Proposal Instructions Request for Proposals (RFP) Write a solicited proposal in response to

Proposal need a 3 page proposal Page 1 of 2

Project 4: Proposal Instructions
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Write a solicited proposal in response to the following RFP:

The Tigers in Action Foundation seeks to strengthen the relationship between East Central
University and the surrounding communities through the active engagement and leadership of
alumni and students. The Tigers in Action Foundation is seeking proposals for Community
Outreach Grants of up to $1500 for student-led projects that involve ECU students in meeting
community needs.

Proposals should include:
1. Title page listing title of project, name of author, and date of application
2. Executive summary no longer than one page
3. Introduction explaining background and community need
4. Project plan with measurable goals
5. Credentials of participants
6. Detailed Budget and timeline
7. Conclusion

Note: This is hypothetical RFP designed for instruction and practice. No real money is being
offered. However, your project should be designed to meet a real community need, and you
may choose to reach out to a community organization or ECU academic department to share
your ideas.

A RFP will not usually state a prescribed number of research sources, but an application
grounded in current research will be more competitive. For this project, include a minimum of
five research sources, and list them in a references section at the end of your proposal. Cite
your sources in APA style.

Document Design
Because it is not an academic paper, your proposal will not follow APA formatting for document
design. You will use APA-style citations on your references page, but the rest of your proposal
should be designed for attractiveness and readability. Use layout, graphics, and typographical
elements to assist your reader in navigating your document.

Grading Criteria
The specific rubric for evaluating this project is on page 2 of this document. Use it as a checklist
for evaluating your own work before you submit it to be graded.

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Category & Points


Title Page and Executive

10 points

• Title page lists title, author’s name, date
• Executive Summary refers to grant opportunity
• States purpose of proposal
• Offers brief description of context and background

information to help reader understand program
• Briefly describes proposed program and its benefits


20 points

• States purpose of proposal
• Provides background information to explain community

need and current situation
• Identifies and describes partnerships with ECU and any

community partners
• Explains the scope and organization of proposal
• Defines key terms if necessary
• Cites research sources where appropriate

Project Plan

35 points

• Defines measurable goals
• Connects goals to community need
• Connects goals to specific tasks
• Explains means of evaluating program success
• Cites research sources where appropriate


5 points

• Briefly describes your connection to ECU and your
qualifications for implementing the proposed program

Budget and Timeline

10 points

• Presents clear, specific, and feasible budget for
implementing program

• Presents clear, specific, and feasible timeline for
implementing program

• Uses graphic organizers (such as tables) to clarify budget
and timeline

• If appropriate, lists potential funding from additional


10 points

• Summarizes need and emphasizes benefit of proposed


10 points

• Cites a minimum of five secondary sources to support

• Uses correct APA citation style

Project 4: Proposal Instructions
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Proposals should include:

Document Design
Grading Criteria

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