Project Research Project How To Talk to Someone About Media Literacy Overview: During the month, the course reading and assignments have provided an oppor

Research Project

How To Talk to Someone About Media Literacy

Overview: During the month, the course reading and assignments have provided an opportunity to learn about media literacy and how to make decisions when exposed to media content and messages. This assignment is an opportunity to synthesize the ideas and applications associated with media literacy. A minimum of four academic resources must be cited and you can include the textbook. Please interweave your citations throughout the paper.

Assignment: Each student will select one media item (a medium: TV, newspapers, books, etc., a genre: drama, comedy, reality TV, a program: episode of American Idol, a talk radio show (or the host) etc.. The goal is to find one thing that you can address in detail and identify a variety of elements that one may evaluate in terms of becoming more media literate.

In addition, you also must incorporate two issues issues discussed from our textbook that are applicable to your topic — (issue 1: media ownership; issue 2: sports; issue 3: fake news; issue 4: advertising; issue 5: media violence; and issue 6: privacy).

Approach: You can use any approach you like. You may use traditional 3rd person research-based (see below for more info), or you present it literally as if you were having a conversation with this person.

Format: You have freedom to choose any format you want to tell the story. Some examples can be: a written document (info on this is below), as a movie, a PowerPoint slide show, etc.. The format is not important to me, the message is what is important. But if you choose to create a PowerPoint or movie, it is your responsibility to get the file to me. It would be best to check with me in advance if you want to do one of these methods to make sure I can access the file.


Regardless of the format used to create the work, each project should include the following:

Well organized material

Professionally written or spoken (grammar, punctuation; avoids slang, profanity, etc.).

Depth – an in depth exploration of the topic. If written, approximately 3 or 4 pages. If other media (video or PPT) it should be 8 – 10 minutes of of audio commentary or some means to explore the topic in detail.

Research: There should be some supporting material to make your points. The sources should be quality sources. For example, try to focus on journal (peer reviewed ideally) over unknown websites, etc. For information on peer reviewed and other journal materials go to the Resources section and click on Journal Search link.

Thesis Statement: Each paper/project must have a clearly labeled thesis statement: A sentence that succinctly articulates the objective of the research. An example is:

“THESIS STATEMENT: This paper will look at the link between violent behavior and playing violent video games.”

Guidelines for Writing the Paper

The style is the student’s choosing: MLA, APA, etc.. Just identify which style when submitting the assignment.

Research: The paper should have the following:

A minimum of four different sources

No more than 1 website (Please note: This doesn’t mean that only one online source can be used. For example, one could use CNN, New York Times, etc.. But if the source is solely a website, meaning no other medium, then only one can be used).

Peer reviewed sources are not required but encouraged

The paper is assessed on the quality of the sources; unknown, outdated, or controversial sources will be graded negatively.

When it comes to citing sources, students are not expected to know the exact style of citing sources.However, in-text citations are required. Failure to cite sources is considered plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly. In short, it is important to cite exact words (quote) and/or ideas that are not original. And students will not be graded down if their format for citing the sources is not completely accurate. But they will be graded down for trying to pass off work that is not original and not cited.

Structure: Whether your assignment is a paper or digital you should follow these basic principles. Try to have a clear beginning, middle and end to the project. A good format to follow is:

Intro: Begin with general comments about the field and/or topic, then begin to narrow the scope until the topic is addressed (reverse pyramid). The thesis typically comes at the end of the introduction.

Body: This section should introduce the research and clearly support the thesis statement.

Conclusion: This section should recap the research and offer closing comments.

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