Presidential Impeachment Process roles and responsibilities in this process. 
A rough outl History – Coursework

roles and responsibilities in this process. 
A rough outline of your paper should follow:
• Define impeachment and state its purpose; include a short history of which sitting U.S.
Presidents have been impeached (do not include judges—the focus here is on the U.S.
President), why they were impeached, and the outcome. Address each of these.
• Quote at least one Constitutional clause addressing impeachment, and explain it (the
Constitution is in your textbook). 
• Role of Legislative Branch in an impeachment inquiry—the process the impeachment
proceedings follow in each chamber of Congress (House of Representatives and Senate). 
• Role of Judicial Branch in the process.
• Explain the checks and balances between each branch of government on display in an
impeachment process. You need to mention the role of Congress (both chambers, House &
Senate) and the Judicial Branch in impeachment.
• Do not length pad the paper by explaining the checks and balances, in general. Focus on the
role each branch plays in impeachment only.
• Your analysis on whether Donald Trump’s first impeachment affected his reelection
chances in November’s presidential election.
You need to have three sources (I provide suggestions). One source must be the
Use a cover sheet. Use a separate page for your bibliography. Do not include an abstract. 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, and double spaced

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