poetry Serious, Fun, or Nonsense:  The Purpose of Poetry?

Listen to “What If It Doesn’t English and Literature

Serious, Fun, or Nonsense:  The Purpose of Poetry?

Listen to “What If It Doesn’t Make Sense” and “James Baldwin, Taking a Hard Look at History”- think about how both poets, Zapruder and Baldwin, speak differently about poetry.  What are they both interested in?  What do they think poetry can do to the mind?  Are both poets serious about the matters they speak on?


Consider:  What does Baldwin want his poem to do?  What does Zapruder think the Ashbery poetry can do for people?


Also, reflect on the assigned reading:  Why do you think people are nervous about encountering poetry?  What does a poem expect of its reader?  How are you expected to read differently than if you encounter a story or newspaper article?


In your discussion assignment, using either Baldwin or Zapruder or both, note what struck you most about their intensity for poetry and what they want it to do.  Incorporate your responses to the questions listed above.  In other words, I want you to openly respond to something in either or both discussions that struck you as important about each poet’s hopes for poetry, while also illustrating that you have listened intensely to both discussions.

what if it doesn’t make sense

James Baldwin, Taking a Hard Look at History

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