Please help The date time farme 12/04/2021 Deliverable 1 – Earth’s Four Spheres Presentation Scenario Each of us has directly or indirectly been impacted

Please help The date time farme 12/04/2021 Deliverable 1 – Earth’s Four Spheres Presentation


Each of us has directly or indirectly been impacted by a natural disaster or severe weather event. For this assignment you will be required to recall a personal, real-world experience about the power of one of the Earth’s four spheres that you have experienced in your lifetime, creating a mixed media PowerPoint presentation that brings this event to life. The goal is to illustrate the interconnectedness of the Earth’s four spheres to human health and safety, to the current state of our climate, and to the mitigation of such disasters in the future as the consequences of climate change continue to worsen.


In a well-organized presentation using PowerPoint, you will construct a visual presentation that illustrates the power of a natural disaster/geologic event in history from the standpoint of a personal experience. Consider a time in your life when you have been impacted, either directly or indirectly, by a natural disaster or severe weather event. 

Your presentation should include the following elements as well as a robust discussion of each in the slides’ speaker notes section:

· Discuss background, history, and location of your chosen event/disaster. (Where did this event occur? How many people were impacted by this event?)

· Specify measures taken to mitigate the event/disaster. (What was the response of the community/state/country to this event?)

· Discuss how we might mitigate a similar event/disaster in the future. (How can we mitigate disasters to more fully protect human health and safety?)

· Be sure to include images/maps/statistical information from your chosen event/disaster.

Deliverable 2 – Environmental Issue Presentation


You are an environmental lobbyist who has been asked to make a presentation to your state’s legislature. You will gather data about a local or regional environmental issue unique to your area or home state and prepare a PowerPoint Presentation. You may focus on any environmental issue, but the area of focus must be in your local area or home state. The environmental issue may be related to land, water, or air.


Choose a Superfund website that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can use this search engine to find a Superfund site in your state.

Each assignment leading up to the final assignment is evaluated and graded independently. Your instructor will provide specific grading criteria for each step of the project prior to its due date.

The Superfund website will have information about contaminated areas, how they became contaminated, and who is responsible for the contamination, as well as clean-up plans for the contamination.

Your PowerPoint Presentation should include:

· Your voiceover narration using Screencast-O-Matic for each slide as well as references in APA format

· The issue (background information from the website, contamination, clean-up)

· The major players and stakeholders involved (the people who created the problem, the people who can fix the problem, and the people who are most impacted by the problem)

· Possible controversies (differences in opinion about the issue)

· Impact of this environmental issue to the surrounding environment (nearby rivers, streams, farmland, animal habitats, etc.)

Deliverable 3 – Environmental Law Infographic


You are a member of a community planning committee. The committee is reminding local citizens about recently enacted environmental laws. You are responsible for developing an infographic to showcase one of these new laws. The infographic will be displayed at the next community meeting in the community center.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website contains information concerning laws and regulations that impact the environment. Search this EPA website to choose one law to focus on.

The infographic should contain:

· A recently enacted environmental law (The law can be local or national, and focused on any part of an environment such as water, air, land, energy, wildlife, etc.)

· Present the major players and the stakeholders (Who is involved and who is impacted by the new law?)

· Examine the impact to the economy (Does the law help or hinder the economy and why? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?)

· Identify the controversy surrounding the law (differences in opinion)

· Your infographic should be clear and organized. References should be in APA format

Deliverable 4 – Food Resiliency Management Plan


You have been hired as an environmental scientist for a local firm. For your first project, you are asked to construct a food resiliency plan for your firm. Given our changing global climate, growing population, overuse and scarcity of resource, such a management plan for the production and distribution of food is crucial. The goal of this proposed plan is to reduce waste and CO2 emissions contributed by your firm.


Construct a detailed management plan for food resiliency. Your plan should consist of three separate paragraphs, (5-7 sentences in length) and should contain the following elements:

· Your first paragraph should specify where and how your company will source its food given a goal year (e.g., 2030).

· This paragraph should consider measures to promote a fluid and organized plan for food resiliency that is realistic and achievable by the end goal (e.g., aquaponics/vertical farms sourced from local community centers to give residents access to fresh, organically grown produce).

· Your second paragraph should specify steps or measures that will be taken to move the firm towards this food resiliency plan.

· This paragraph should highlight the phasing out of foods sourced from farms that use pesticides/chemicals.

· Your third paragraph should discuss the potential reduction in food miles and CO2 emissions that would be achieved by the end date.

· This paragraph should highlight the end goal of reducing food miles and reducing CO2 emissions through sourcing food from local sources.

Deliverable 5 – Analysis of Renewable Energy Sources

Date (Fill in appropriate dates below)

Electricity (List sources/times of electricity used)

Fuel (gasoline) (List miles driven each day/cost of fuel per gallon)

Natural Gas/Propane (List sources of cooking energy used if not electricity)

Day 1 ( )




Day 2 ( )




Day 3 ( )




Combined 3-day total:




Monthly cost estimate (multiply 3-day total by 10 for an estimate):





You have been asked to identify the sources of energy you use daily in your home, and the cost of each of those sources over a 3-day period (and a monthly total estimate). While going about your daily activities, track and record your energy use in three categories (electricity, fuel, and natural gas/propane), calculating a monthly estimate for your energy costs. Contact your energy provider or research your energy provider online to determine the primary sources of energy used to power your home, and explore the potential for renewable energy sources, if your provider uses fossil fuel sources.


Track your energy use for 3 days (electricity/fuel/natural gas, if applicable), using the document attached below.


Research or contact your energy providers to determine the sources of energy supplied by your providers. Compile tracked energy data into a written report, calculating a daily average cost for your energy needs. Lastly, explore options for sourcing energy from solely renewable sources.

Your report should consist of the following elements:

· Specify name of local energy providers and source(s) of energy used

· Specify cost of energy use for the 3-day period (based on average electric bill/10 days)

· Explore options for sourcing energy solely from renewable sources

· If renewable options are not available, discuss ways that you can reduce energy use in your home

Deliverable 6 – Stewardship and Sustainability Newsletter


You have been assigned the duty of examining how the environment relates to your place of business. You may choose one of the following career categories: healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, food, hospitality, or information technology. In addition, your task requires you to include how the environment relates to daily life at your place of business. The goal is for you to guide colleagues and the company in the application of stewardship and sustainability. You are asked to create a newsletter that will be distributed at your workplace. In preparation to complete this task, reflect on the concepts you learned concerning the environment, such as the importance of clean air, water, and land. Also, consider how humans impact the environment with our homes, cars, purchases, and refuse.


Create an article for a newsletter that includes the following:

· Examine how the environment relates to your chosen career (energy, resources, chemicals, waste, pollution, etc.)

· Examine how the environment relates to daily life at your workplace (energy, resources, trash, transportation, etc.)

· Discuss your personal stewardship plans and recommendations (actions that manage natural resources)

· Share ideas of how to live and work sustainably

· Your article should be clear and organized. References should be in APA format

Deliverable 7 – Constructing a Sustainable Energy Plan


The community of Greenburg is located near sea level at the base of a snow-capped mountain, on a secluded ocean inlet, surrounded by rugged, forested land. The only access to the city is by ferry or plane; no roads connect it to other communities in the region. Winters are wet, mild, and long. The city serves as the capital for the state of Newbridge. As such, government agencies are its leading employer, though tourism is also a major source of income, followed by commercial fishing. The city is renowned for its scenic beauty; tall mountains capped by glaciers can be seen from downtown.

· Population: 32,000

· Avg. High Temp (Dec): 34oF

· Avg. High Temp (June): 62oF

· Annual Precipitation: 62 in.

· Urban Area: 15 sq. mi.

· Main Power Source: natural gas


Construct a plan for sustainable energy for the hypothetical city of Greenburg. Your plan should consist of the following elements:

· Specific measures to promote energy conservation measures (e.g., promoting biking by implementing a bicycle sharing program)

· Specific steps to move the city toward sustainable energy production (e.g., solar facilities/greenhouses/community food production)

· Consider actions that involve switching from traditional (non-renewable) energy sources to renewable sources, for both vehicles and buildings/homes

· Reducing energy will help, but your plan should include a detailed plan that will move the city forward using renewable energy

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