Persuasive Speech Persuasive Speech Guidelines COMM 3 Fall 2021 Delivery of Speech—150 points Outline—50 Points Due Date: November 19, 2021 Purpo

Persuasive Speech Persuasive Speech Guidelines

Fall 2021

Delivery of Speech—150 points

Outline—50 Points

Due Date: November 19, 2021


To convince your audience to adopt your proposed attitudes and/or actions. Your speech should attempt to shift your audience members’ beliefs, attitudes, values, conceptualizations, and/or behaviors. Please take this responsibility seriously, matters of ethics are important in every type of speaking, especially when attempting to persuade your audience.

You have a choice between attempting to change people’s thoughts (attitudes, values, and beliefs) or their behaviors (take up an action or break a habit). Keep in mind that people’s thoughts affect a person’s behavior. While the two goals may overlap (i.e. you may have to change a person’s perceptions to change their behaviors) they can be separate. For instance, few people doubt the safety benefits of wearing a seatbelt, so if you were to try and change the behavior of non-seatbelt-wearers, you would not need to change many beliefs about safety. However, you could deliver a speech convincing people to stop buying cases of water and shift to filtration systems to minimize the amount of plastic pollution. Moreover, many speeches will incorporate both perceptual and behavioral changes.

Keep in mind this speech is heavily weighted at 200 points, it is also your last speech and your last opportunity to demonstrate the progress you have made throughout the course. The new areas of focus for this specific speech are your delivery skills, application of persuasive methods, persuasive theories, logical reasoning, and motivational techniques.


1. Your speech should be delivered within the time limit of no less than six (6) but no more than eight (8) minutes.
2. Extemporaneous style delivery, conversation styled speaking.
3. You must use and verbally cite at least
4 credible sources
, 2 of which need to be academic sources
4. This speech should include an introduction, conclusion, at least 3 main points and 2 sub-points for each main point.
5. Content of this speech should incorporate persuasive delivery techniques from our textbook.
6. You must turn in a cited and correctly formatted outline, including a reference page or bibliography. The outline will be submitted through Canvas.

Helpful Notes:

· Think about a specific controversy or a current debate that is going on. These controversies could be national, global, or local (i.e. national: the national anthem or banning of tiktok, idolization of celebrities; global: plastic pollution, clean drinking water, hunger, human trafficking; local: human trafficking, air quality, sustainable farming). These topics are general ideas, but you should focus on narrowing down these ideas to develop a more specific message. Take a stance on the issue and attempt to persuade your audience as to why they should accept your point-of-view.
· This speech should focus on the reasons why the audience should accept the position the speaker is advocating. (i.e. think of yourself as a salesman who is aiming to get the audience to buy-in to their ideas)
· This speech calls for audience members to act in a particular fashion. The action should be workable and provide some degree of solvency.
· This speech calls the speaker to refute a commonly held principle, policy, and/or idea.

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