Older Adults check the attachment 1 Resource Distance Information Contact/Address Pharmacy Toi 0.9 miles (3 min drive) Delivers,

Older Adults check the attachment 1





Pharmacy Toi

0.9 miles

(3 min drive)

Delivers, compounds medications, offers various vaccinations, refill prescriptions, health, and wellness testing

Phone: 9728072663

Address: 8300 N MacArthur Blvd 3130, Irving, TX,76063 

Whole Foods Market

2 .6miles

(9 min drive)

Easy meal solutions, high quality standards, local, organic non-GMO choices. Baked goods, fresh salads, flowers, coffee, houseware and so on with delivery, curb side pickup options.

Phone: 4698458001

Address: 6741 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX,75039

Wells Fargo

1.4 miles

(5 min drive)

Offers checking or saving account, safe deposit box, checks, credit card services, auto financing, online banking and easy and convenient for older adults.

Phone: 9724015200

Address: 1050 Market PI Blvd., Irving, TX, 75063

Oak Street Health Irving

7.1 miles

(15 min drive)

Offers ride to and from appointments, accepts seniors without appointment, trained to treat adults over 65 and specialize in helping manage their chronic health conditions, wellness and preventive care, immunizations, accepts insurance

Phone: 2143904985

Address: 2928 N belt line Road, Irving, Tx 75062

Medical City las Colinas

2.4 miles

(7min drive)

Provides health education for older adults, offers full ranges of services for all adults especially older adults, 24-hour services, advances Stroke care center

Phone: 9729692000

Address: 6800 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX,75039

Coolbreeze Dentistry

1 mile

(4 min drive)

Provides services like filling, dental implants, dentures and crowns, dental bridges, teeth cleaning, deep gum cleaning, periodontal treatment, emergency dentistry, and oral surgery

Phone: (214) 320-9999

Address: 8150 N MacArthur BLVD apt 160 Irving, TX, 75063

Irving Bible Church


(4min drive)

Prayers and worship each week, welcoming community, and various events

Phone: 9725604600

Address: 2435 Kinwest Pkwy, Irving, TX,75063

MacArthur at Valley Ranch N -FS

0.7 miles

(3 min drive)

DART bus services, discounted fare for older adults, and inexpensive bus fare

Phone: 214-979-1111

Address: MacArthur at Valley Ranch N-FS , 750632

Heritage Senior Center

9.6 miles

(20 min drive)

Offers a wide variety of programming and activities for older adults, library, transportation available, get creative in craft room, exercise, provides meals and various health services

Phone: 9727212496

Address: 200 S Jefferson St, Irving, TX, 75060

VNA Meals on Wheels

12 miles

(16 min drive)

Provides hot, nutritious freshly prepared meal, free of cost, delivered to home,

Phone: (214) 689-2639

Address: 1440 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75247

Avalon 8801

410 ft

1min walk

Safe sidewalks are in good condition and free from fall risk

Phone N/A

Address: 8833 Rodeo drive, Irving, TX, 75063

North lake Ranch Park

1 mile

(3 min drive/ 18 min walk)

Sidewalks are in good conditions and free from fall risk, pet friendly with small playground

Phone: N/A

Address: 1317 Ranch Trail, Irving, Tx, 75063

Animal Hospital of Valley Ranch

0.8 miles

(4 min walk)

Various pet services. Preventive care available, High quality medical and surgical care and treat them with respect, honesty, and compassion

Phone: 9724090186

Address: 8600 N MacArthur Blvd apt 132, Irving, TX, 75063


1.3 mile

(4 min walk)

Offers grooming and training. Veterinary, adoption, and pet care available. Affordable goods with delivery options.

Phone: 9725067740

Address: 8100 Walton Blvd. Irving, TX, 75063

Crime Rate


Crimes against person:

Incidents. 2480 / 100,000 inhabitants

Crimes against property:

Incidents 5982/ 100,000 inhabitants

Phone: 972721800

Address: 5992 Riverside Dr, Irving, TX


Irving fire Station 10

0.9 miles

(3 min drive)

Emergency fire rescue, education about fire prevention, fire inspection, has ambulance, engine, and reserve engine.

Phone: N/A

Address: 315 Cimarron Trail, Irving, TX,75063

Irving Police Station

3.8 miles

(9 min drive)

Serves for public safety, protects law and order, ensuring security, reduce crimes

Phone: 9727217800

Address: 5992 Riverside Dr, Irving, Tx, 75039

Medical City las Colinas Emergency Room

2.3 miles (6 min drive

Provides emergency medical services, including various treatments

Phone: 9729692000

Address: 5800 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, Tx,75063

TruGreen Lawn care

4.9 miles (10 min drive)

Provides various services including lawn mowing or maintenance, lawn pest control, Lawn care by analysis, fertilization, weed management,

Phone: 9725120852

Address: 1640 Wallace Dr, Carrollton, TX, 75006

The Cleaning Authority – Coppell

5.3 miles

(11 min drive)

Standard house cleaning or deep cleaning, clean and organize kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, cleaning solution

Phone: 4694164634

Address: 1438 Crescent Dr Suite 100, Carrollton, TX, 75006

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