Needed In 5 Hours Please Assignment Content Refer to the information gathered in your Week Three Individual Assignment. Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word com

Needed In 5 Hours Please Assignment Content

Refer to the information gathered in your Week Three Individual Assignment.
Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word comparative analysis of three potential strategies to address the policy problem. In the comparative analysis, address the following for each proposed strategy:

The strengths and weaknesses
The potential internal and external impacts to project stakeholders in the following areas:
Cultural influences
Fiscal constraints
The financing mechanisms and budgeting approaches, including:
Indirect costs
Direct costs
Cost sharing
Format your paper according to A 5

Police Reforms Root Issues

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Police brutality has been on the rise in the previous years, necessitating that different stakeholders formulate strategies to help deal with the raised concerns (Khan et al., 2021). However, to solve the issues related to police brutality and racism, it will be important to identify the root causes of police brutality. Understanding the cause of police brutality will help develop strategies and reforms that will solve police brutality for good.

Problem statement

The number of police-related killings has been on the rise in the US, and most of these cases could be avoided if the situations were handled differently. According to Khan et al. (2021), the possibility of young men being killed by the police is high in the US. It is argued that a person is more likely to die at the hands of the police as compared to criminals. Therefore, this prompts the need to identify what can be done to help reduce the negative consequences of police brutality. Racism has been identified to be the main cause of brutality propagated by police officers. Therefore, to address the problems related to police brutality, issues related to racism and how police officers are to handle a suspect need to be reviewed.
Racial brutality is believed to be one of the major challenges that the police force is faced with in the US (Maher, 2008). African Americans and individuals from other races are likely to be harassed by police. Additionally, in some police departments, violence has been regarded as part of their jobs and cannot be avoided. This raises the question of how these police officers are trained to execute their jobs and mandate. Further, the legal protection that these police officers enjoy creates a loophole whereby individual police officers can escape accountability. Once it is possible to escape from accountability, the police will less likely consider the consequences of their actions before they can act. As a result, the negative impacts of their actions will be witnessed through the death and victimization of victims. Police brutality needs to be addressed to help reduce the negative impacts of brutality on the victims. People from a particular category feel as though they are targeted. They are likely to go through mental and psychological issues. In some cases, some will escape with severe injuries, and others will die.

The methodology used to define the problem

Various causes have been reported and continue to be reported regarding police brutality. Analysis of these cases helps identify the causes and effects of police brutality. Literature review analysis will help identify areas of concerns and proposed methodologies to address the concerns identified. Police brutality has existed for a while, and various resources and articles used in defining the problem are easily available.

Stakeholders’ roles in the success of the plan

The government and other government agencies are expected to ensure that the communities are protected and that the police departments have appropriate skills to serve society better. According to Ruth (2016), the government must ensure that laws meant to protect citizens are in place and functional. The government is also required to ensure those police officers have the needed skills to make them better serve and execute their mandate. The community or society at large is expected to partner with the police to ensure that the police have a suitable environment to execute their duties. The police have to ensure that the right culture is instilled in officers to help them better serve society. Organizations dealing with human rights have the needed expertise and skills which may be used in planning for reforms and implementation.

Stakeholders’ interests in the policy problem

Stakeholders refer to the people affected by the activities or actions of other parties (Hayes, 2014). The relevant stakeholders on the police brutality issue include the government, communities, society, and organizations that handle such cases. The government is required to initiate policies meant to protect the citizens from any harm. The community is affected by police brutality as their lives and well-being is affected by these activities. The police as an entity is mandated to protect and serve their communities. Therefore, they will need to address the problem identified to make them serve the communities better. Organizations dealing with social issues and human rights are usually interested in ensuring that the welfare of society is promoted. Therefore, they may have a significant interest in the policy problem.

Effects of the problem

Police brutality has various impacts on the lives of the different victims and the community in general (Maher, 2008). Police brutality will lead to injuries and death of victims who fall in the hands of policemen who engage in such actions. The injuries suffered by victims will require resources for them to be treated. As a result, resources that would have been used for different purposes will be wasted on treatment. The families of the victims who die will have to undergo the pain of losing a loved one and will have to relive the experiences when seeking justice. Society also suffers since, in most cases, the victims who die are usually young and can contribute positively to the community. Therefore, the untimely demise of the victims will rob society of the benefits that the dead victims would bring. Consequently, the psychological trauma associated with living in fear will likely affect individuals. The trauma and psychological problems associated with these individuals will increase health issues in society.

Resources and benchmarks required in strategy formulation

To deal with the problem of police brutality, relevant stakeholders will have to mobilize resources to help formulate required strategies (Ruth, 2016). Political goodwill will be needed among the lawmakers to help ensure that the legal issues are addressed. Addressing legal issues will help enhance the levels of responsibility and accountability of police officers. Financial resources will be needed to improve the training of police officers for them to be in a better position to handle people in the required manner. Additionally, both the community and police officers will have to undergo educational programs meant to improve their understanding of how each party can act to deal with the issue of brutality and reforms.


Reforms require detailed planning and identification of the root causes of the problems to help solve the concerns raised. Various stakeholders will need to be involved, and each will be required to contribute to help bring the needed reforms. If the needed reforms are executed, the relationships between police and the communities will gradually improve.


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