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Substance abuse disorder
Andrew Brown
Post University

Throughout life most

people go through their daily lives without the thought of the possibility of anything happening to them. Life as what they know is reality and nothing will ever change. Many people live the life with the assumption that nothing bad can happen to them and that they are exempt from life’s disasters. In life we as humans face all types of hardships in life whether it be financial, physical, mental, or with a relationship we all struggle with something deep down inside of us that maybe the world does not know about. These types of life struggles can lead someone to what is called a downward spiral. Naturally when you are going through a tough situation you look for some form of comfort or a coping method. Sometimes the choice of your coping method can be the start of the end of the life that you know. Many times, people use alcohol or drugs to cope with their problems not knowing that they can become addicted. Once they start dealing with their issues through dugs or alcohol it typically turns into substance abuse.

A brief description of substance abuse disorder

Substance abuse disorder is excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as alcohol, pain medications, or illegal drugs. It can lead to physical, social, or emotional harm. Most times substance abuse comes from people who are facing some type of anxiety, or a person who suffers from depression. This coping method always starts off as a very good

method to keep a person calm and feeling relaxed but that feeling of relaxation can begin to feel to good and start to become an addiction which leads to substance abuse. Many people are affected by substance abuse users in a negative way. Spouses, children, family, friends, coworkers are all people who are affected by people who struggle with the addiction of substance abuse. Children are the most affected as it is very hard to grow up in life and to have to live out your childhood watching a parent go through phases of change and seeing them become a different person right before their eyes as they grow to understand more and more of the situation that is happening. There are many underlying causes of substance abuse like anxiety, depression, financial hardship, physical illnesses, relationship issues and many more. Everyone of these underlying issues can lead to the destruction of a family by way of substance abuse.
The three models of service delivery

The three models of service delivery play a crucial role in the recovery process of an substance abuse user. These three services help to ensure that a user gets the help that they need in every aspect of their life to get back to living a normal self-fulfilling life. The three models of service delivery include medical, public health and human services. The way that the medical model addresses substance abuse is by helping to prevent you from an early death countering your drugs with medical treatment to help get your life back on track towards living a self-fulfilling independent life. The medical model views

those who suffer from substance abuse disorder as just humans who have a mental illness and needs help. They provide support in the manner of any physical treatments needs to help balance the body of to counteract the alcohol or drugs within the body. The strength within the medical model is the ability to save a life from overdose and give a person a chance at recovery. The limitations of the medical model would be helping clients get over substance abuse. Public health addresses substance abuse by the government creating drug control policies. Public health is the science of preventing disease and injury and promoting and protecting the health of populations and communities. Public health view those who suffer from substance abuse as everyday citizens who decided to take a risk and is now paying the ultimate sacrifice for it. The support that public health gives to substance abuse users is laws that help lower the access to drugs which forces you to seek help to lower your chances of withdrawal. The strength of the public health is the access to all information including the percent of people that struggle from addiction and ways to help counter this issue. The limitations are getting laws approved to slow down the access to these drugs. Human services would be the last model of the three. Human services are focused on helping people overcome issues throughout life and how to stay grounded even when dealing with life’s issues. In the human services field people view those who struggle from addiction as regular people who lost thee way but can be fixed with help, love and opportunity.

Human services can help those who suffer from addiction by providing direct access to counselors, ASAP classes, and many other resources. The strength in human services is that abusers get direct access to people who can help change their mentality when it comes to addiction and access to people that can give them the resources they need to recover from addiction. The limitations would be that they can only put you in position to succeed but they can not do the work for you to overcome addiction it has to come from within. The substance abuse counselor is a mental health counselor specializing in treating patients who have a chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol.
Know matter what a person goes through there is always a healthy way to get through that situation. Whether you are religious and your pray, you go seek counseling, or you talk to a friend or family member drug and alcohol abuse will never be the correct answer. Many people have ruined thriving families, great jobs, and overall great lives due to substance abuse. There are adults that still suffer from the way their childhood was due to watching their parents get drunk or high every day. Substance abuse does not only affect you, but it also affects everyone around you so remember to seek help. There are counselors, websites you can use, and many other resources but drugs and alcohol are never the answer.

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