Money Story Read the all documents and information first, then follow all the guidelines and answer all the questions. I already upload some requirement a


Read the all documents and information first, then follow all the guidelines and answer all the questions.

I already upload some requirement and details please read it, and I already make an outline for those question example too.

Your work just read those document and analyze then write a response.

You can make it to 3 paragraphs; Childhood, Family, and Adulthood. You dont have to answer all the questions. You can pick whatever you want from the questions list and give the answer. Like a free style.

I need 2 pages for this assignment.

Do not plagiarize and you cannot use any references for this assignment at this time.

You can use your own knowledge and creativity thinking! 

If you have any question just let me know please feel free to ask~

Due in 24 hrs or less 

FIP509 Money Autobiography
Last Updated January 10, 2022

FIP509 Money Autobiography Assignment


This assignment will require you to reflect on your relationship with money and

financial matters using the knowledge you have acquired in class and any

additional research you conduct.


Based on the activities we have completed in class and the questions in the

accompanying document, reflect on your relationship with money to create a

money autobiography. Your money autobiography is an opportunity for you to

identify any attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, strengths, weaknesses, or emotional

connections that you may have related to money, including the experiences that

you believe may have led to these. Your money autobiography should

demonstrate connections between your past, present and future using what you

have learned in our course.


You may present your money autobiography in a format of your choosing,

including, but not limited to, a written paper, recorded video presentation, audio

podcast, website, or other format. Any format can be used so long as it effectively

presents your reflection and learning. There are no minimum or maximum lengths

for this assignment. It should be as long as you require to fully articulate yourself,

but short enough that it is presented in an engaging and efficient way.


This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.

Your reflection should be submitted through the course portal by the due date

shown on the course addendum. It will be evaluated on your ability to present:

• A thorough reflection based on specific and supportable evidence that

makes appropriate conclusions and connections

• A compelling and engaging presentation of your learning that is

communicated in an effective and efficient manner

FIP509 Money Autobiography
Last Updated January 10, 2022

The following grades can be earned:

18 – 20

14 – 17

12 – 13

11 10 < 10

Exceeds the

Meets the

Meets the

Meets the

Meets the

Does Not
Meet the

If you are unable to meet the deadline for this assignment, please reach out to

your professor as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements.

Assignments submitted late without an appropriate reason will face a 10% per 24-

hour deduction (e.g. Assignments submitted 1-23 hours late will lose 10%, those

submitted 24-47 hours late, 20%, etc.).

Academic Integrity:

Seneca upholds a learning community that values academic integrity, honesty,

fairness, trust, respect, responsibility and courage. These values enhance Seneca’s

commitment to students by delivering high-quality education and teaching

excellence, while supporting a positive learning environment.

Seneca’s Academic Integrity Policy, which is available at is always in


By completing this assignment, you are indicating that you are fully aware of the

Academic Integrity Policy and are adhering to it. Should your assignment appear

to contravene Seneca College’s Academic Policy, it will be referred to an

Academic Integrity Committee, who will be responsible for investigating the

matter and determining the appropriate outcome.

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