Module 6 and look for Assigned Peer Reviews in the top right corner. Click on the student’s submission to get started reading the document.  Step 2: Leave

Module 6 and look for Assigned Peer Reviews in the top right corner. Click on the student’s submission to get started reading the document. 
Step 2: Leave Comments Using the Doc Viewer
You are expected to leave constructive comments for your peer in two places. First, you should leave comments on the document itself using the doc viewer, as shown in the video above. You should use the highlight, text, and comments tools to “mark up” your peer’s document with feedback as if you were writing on their paper copy with a pen. Do not focus on little details like writing errors, typos, or APA style. Instead, your comments should focus on the content, making sure to address the following:  

Is their introduction paragraph clear? Does it grab your attention?  
Is the thesis statement clear, concise, and argumentative? Is it in the correct location as the last sentence of the introduction?  
Does the outline seem clearly organized and do all of the body paragraphs relate back to the topic?  
Do they have enough evidence to support their argument? Did they use appropriate sources to back up their supporting details?  

Guidelines for giving constructive feedback: 

Give positive feedback about things done well or liked very much, and explain why. 
Give critical feedback with the goal of helping your peer improve the quality of their research and writing. 
Use the rubric to guide the important points of your feedback. 
Ask questions when you are unsure of your peer’s thoughts or intent. 

Step 3: Leave Summary Comments in the Comments Box
Once you’ve completed your “mark up” of your peer’s work, you will leave some summary comments in the “Add a Comment” box on the right-hand side of the screen. Your summary comments must answer the following four questions:

What was the strongest part of their submission?
What aspects of the introduction do they need to work on?
What aspects of their outline do they need to work on?
What did you learn by reading their submission?

Step 4: Complete the Rubric
Click “show rubric” in the upper-right hand corner of the page and complete the attached rubric by clicking on a box in each of the categories. Don’t worry that this score will impact your peer’s course grade, your rubric score will be overridden by the instructor’s rubric score. However, it is still important to click through the rubric as part of your evaluation of your peer’s work. Once you click “save” on the rubric, you cannot re-enter it to change your choices, so be sure you finished clicking all of the rubric rows before clicking save.
Once you have completed all required steps, your assigned peer review in Milestone 5 should include a “check mark” icon next to it rather than an exclamation point, as shown here:

***RUBRIC ATTACHED AS PICS. ddjdiuhfsdik November 28th, 2021
IND101 Milestone 5 Template

Introduction: As a member of our country, what is your standpoint on the death penalty? Do you know someone or knew someone who was sentenced for capital punishment? John Gramlich spoke about the statistics of individuals standpoint in regard to the death penalty in his article 10 Facts about the Death Penalty in the U.S. He stated how a survey conducted in April of 2021 demonstrated that six out of ten U.S adults strongly agree with the death penalty for individuals who have convicted murder (Gramlich, 2021). Depending on the crime conducted and the steps that were taken I stand that the death penalty should be used for a variety of reasons. The United States of America should use the Death Penalty as punishment for a crime because it is an important tool for preserving law and order, discourages others from repeating the similar crime and cost less than having an individual sentenced for life.

I. Supporting point one:
Topic Sentence: The United States should use capital punishment for preserving their law and order.
Supporting detail: Our Amendments have been created in such a way that over the years it will allow leeway for it to be used during punishment in different ways (Moskowitz, 2021).
Supporting detail: We have set laws that we must obtain as individuals of this country to make it the safest way of living (Moskowitz, 2021).

II. Supporting point two:
Topic Sentence: If an individual sees another person being convicted of a crime and given capital punishment it will discourage others from repeating a similar crime.
Supporting detail: Charles Stimson stated that the death penalty gives three legitimate objectives, one being general deterrence (Stimson 2019).
Supporting detail: General deterrence is sending a message to people who are thinking about convicted the same crime, this shows them they shouldn’t, or they might end up sentenced for death like these other individuals (Stimson 2019).

III. Supporting point three:
Topic Sentence: Having an individual sentenced to death cost less than having someone sentenced for life.
Supporting detail: The cost of death penalty is expensive due to the years of appeal until an individual is committed with capital punishment (Gallup Poll 2017).
Supporting detail: Depending on when the individual was convicted of the crime and sentenced for life, they may be spending 3 to 5 decades which overall will cost more.

IV. Countering opposing perspectives:
Topic sentence: Depending on who you speak to some are pro capital punishment while others believe it isn’t humane.
Supporting topic: Individuals who are pro death penalty argue that such a harsh punishment is needed for individuals who commit the worst of the crimes possible (ProCon 2021).
Refuting detail: Individuals opposing of the death penalty believe that it is unfair and unjust, “innocent people are being put to death for crimes they did not commit” according to (ProCon 2021).

V. Conclusion:
After long in-depth research, it is clear as to why the death penalty should be used for individuals who have convicted the most awful crimes thinkable. If we used capital punishment for when an individual who commits a crime that they should have not overtime those crimes will not take place. I am in favor of the death penalty because it is an important tool to preserve our law, it will deter crime and it cost more to an someone sentenced for life rather than the death penalty.
Closing thoughts: Capital punishment is a topic of controversy, take a deeper look as to why so many states are pro death penalty and how it might help our country.


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10 facts about the death penalty in the U.S.

Moskowitz, Daniel. (2021). Death’s Judicial Sting.

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