Marketing IV Using the attached documents (part I, II, and III) answer the below questions. The business being discussed in the paper will be the same as t

Using the attached documents (part I, II, and III) answer the below questions. The business being discussed in the paper will be the same as the first three; Chick-fil-A.

Each of the five questions should be numbered and written out in its entirety in the pages that follow. The entire document (all five questions, combined, but not counting references) should be at least 600 words (12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced), and include a separate references page. All content must show direct application to the topic and exclude definitions of terms and general explanations of generic marketing topics. 

When completing an assignment for a given module, the student will assume the role of marketing manager for the selected organization. All student responses must be based on research. View the entire course textbook (attached) as a resource for the assignment, meaning it may be necessary to locate assignment-related material in chapters other than those corresponding with the module in which the assignment is located. Additionally, utilize at least two scholarly articles related to the research of the questions. 


Q1. Explain the selected pricing strategy (penetration, skimming, competitor-based). (Ch.11)

Q2. Discuss various pricing tactics that have or would prove effective in stimulating sales. (Ch.11)

Q3. Discuss the distribution strategy relevant to the product/service. (Ch. 12)

Q4. Explain the channels of used to distribute the product/service. (Ch.12)

Q5. Explain the firm’s use of e-channels, e-retailing, or other non-traditional methods of distribution. (Ch.12)


Marketing Management

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Marketing Management

Discuss the use of marketing research to be used to gather information on present or potential customers. Which forms of marketing research would be best in gathering consumer information relating to the product/service?

Marketing research provides insights and evidence that may be utilized to generate choices about the marketing strategy and perhaps other activities inside a firm. Chick-fil-A serves customers, and as a result, various kinds of marketing research methodologies may be used to obtain data on their clients’ perception of the services and foods they serve. Chick-fil-A regularly undertakes company-wide surveys to get input on ways the company operates. Marshall and Johnston (2019) assert that following consumers’ initial queries via purchase placing and fulfillment provides information into their behavior. Feedback is a straightforward and premium method of gathering info. Acquiring relevant feedback enables you to discover problematic spots. Chick-fil-A gives incentives and prizes to customers who make repeat orders and provide reviews. Chick-Fil-A through the use of focus groups modified marketing strategies in order to reach its intended demographic. Digital technologies may be quite helpful based on the market, the business is attempting to target. Numerous customers depend on technology on a daily basis, and that’s why Chick-Fil-A should also use this research tool.

Explain several external forces that affect the organization’s marketing planning and strategy.

Consumer choice is an external influence that impacts Chick-fil-A. As consumer tastes evolve, it might have an effect on the management and designing of its marketing strategy. Due to the fact that Chick-fil-A exclusively serves poultry products and does not provide a diverse selection of items, there is a possibility of a preference shift. Additionally, Chick-fil-A’s price varies according on economic progress. When consumers have enough cash, they will go for a highly expensive items over the alternative. On the other hand, if individuals lack the financial means to spend, they will go for the less expensive choice. Chick-Fil-A is also affected by competition, which is an external influence affecting the firm’s marketing strategy and plan. Rivalry can also be termed as an external factor given that similar eateries such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are in this sector, although the firm’s chicken sandwich has maintained it on center of the leaderboard. The corporation has also been chastised for being heavily engaged in initiatives that are incompatible with its brand. As a result, political resentment can be seen as an external factor affecting this company. For example, customers have criticized it for solely endorsing and contributing funds to anti-LGBTQ groups (Wu, 2019).

Discuss the aspects of the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) program.

Chick-fil-A outperforms the competition in terms of customer service partly due to the manner it engages with consumers. The company satisfies its consumers through establishing trust, which entails developing connections with them and learning about their personalities, and also their ambitions and desires. This corporation uses a four-part approach as part of its CRM program, which requires workers to interact with clients, grin at them, and converse prior to giving complementary refreshments. Marshall and Johnston (2019) demonstrate that a customer-centric organization puts the consumer at the center of all that occurs within as well as outside an organization. This is why Chick-Fil-A has developed the Mon’s Valet service, particularly to cater to the needs of caregivers with small children (Wishart, 2020).

Explain which consumer characteristics (personal, psychological, cultural, situational, social) matter most in the purchase decision

Marshall and Johnston’s (2019) illustrations demonstrate that both exterior and internal variables influence customer preferences. Personal characteristics like as affluence and lifestyle may influence Chick-Fil-A consumers’ purchasing decisions, since the company may provide its services at pricing that are only affordable to the moderate and higher classes. Well, the psychological characteristics of purchasers are undoubtedly the most critical factor in the purchase behavior. Consumers are motivated to seek pleasure, which Chick-fil-A accomplishes via consumer-employee interactions. Customers’ decisions to acquire this firm’s services are impacted by their worldview and what they have heard of their products. Chick-Fil-A utilizes exceptional marketing methods that are both compelling and successful in encouraging individuals to consume their delicacies. Attitude about Chick-Fil-A’s products is most based on certain attributes such as the recipe of making the product. At Chick-Fil-A, consumer perception refers to how customers perceive their products and if they enjoy the service provided. This leads people to select this fast-food restaurant as their first choice in America because they believe their goods and services are the greatest.

Explain how the product/service is positioned in the market. Quote or create a positioning statement for the product/service and explain its rationale

Chick-Fil-A’s products are positioned well in the market, owing mostly to its competitive initiatives, which contribute to the brand’s awareness. The company’s mission is to create a unique eating encounter focused on the client and a healthy alternate to hamburger restaurants. The restaurant provides exclusively high-quality poultry dinners and costs a modest charge above comparable options from rivals. Chick-Fil-A’s fundamental business principles are optimized for each client encounter (Stevens, 2014). Chick-Fil-A’s superior food service and client satisfaction have given the company a distinct competitive edge that its rivals have struggled to emulate. “Chick-fil-A has reaffirmed its brand strategy by appealing to the emotional responses of its consumers” (Stevens, 2014).


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