Market Research Journal The Non Profit is HER – How to approach this assignment… Please choose any nonprofit you would

 The Non Profit is HER –

How to approach this assignment…

Please choose any nonprofit you would like to study for this assignment!

Breakdown the title – market (a place where two parties gather to facilitate an exchange of goods or nontangible services), research (investigation or study of materials to establish facts and reach new conclusions), and journal (a daily record of research, thoughts, or observation).

Plan – to work on the assignment daily over five days to gain insight into your organization over time, researching, and recording observations each day.

Organize – your content based on the required checklist below. It is a ten-item list that you will use to fill your journal. You may use the required items in any order you choose. Journals are great because they keep information all in one place and permit future reference. This is a helpful tool to use before creating a marketing plan or devising marketing strategies as the research, thoughts, and observations you record in a journal will support your ideas. Each day should contain a similar amount of information, some days might be a little longer or shorter.

Format – you are welcome to present the information in any format you choose. Here are several optional suggestions. 1) List the day/date and what you researched that day (like a diary) 2) A narrative paper conveying information as a story including sensory details (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell). 3) Try a Bullet Journal, but please do not confuse the use of a bullet journal with listing information in bullet point format, complete sentences and paragraphs should be used. Sample page to follow.

Length | Appearance – six pages including title or cover page and five APA or MLA reference citations. Including a date on your title or cover page is important to show at what point in time the content was relevant. Remember a journal is a tool to look back on for reference. Please use 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spacing, and page numbers. Please exclude excessive blank space or pages. Exceeding six pages is fine. Please post this ONLY in the Assignment folder, not this Discussion topic, thank you!

Required content checklist – please make sure to include all of these items in your journal in any order you like.

1) Digital marketing – please choose one option here to discuss.

email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO – Search Engine Optimization (how easy was it to search and find your nonprofit)

2) Competitive environment.

SWOT Analysis

3) Target audiences.

Individuals or groups you are trying to reach or have a connection with your nonprofit – i.e., volunteers, members, donors, services recipients or, Board members.

4) Social media.

What types are used and how much engagement is apparent i.e., how many Followers or Likes?

5) Nonprofit in the news.

Is your nonprofit in the news this week? Is there a way they could gain attention in local or national news?

6) Brief history.

Where does your nonprofit operate? How did they get started?

7) How your nonprofit appears to use the marketing mix.

Place – where your nonprofit operates – geographic impact.

Price – is there a charge for entrance or services.

Promotion – how does your nonprofit create visibility.

Product – does your nonprofit market a product, service, or experience?

8) What do you think the value proposition of your nonprofit is?

Extending an offer and making it a more appealing choice than your competitors.

9) The mission statement of your nonprofit.

You will need to locate this.

10) Please use two vocabulary words from the first two Discussions. 

The vocabulary list can be found in the Course Content section of the classroom.

Sample Bullet Journal Cover Page:

Page 1 – Day, Month, Date

Key – 

tasks – for tasks I am using the *

events – for events I am using the $

notes – for notes I am using the #

*research the competitive environment (discuss how you will approach this, such as sources for research or information. This could also include the use of first-hand observation, questionnaires, interviews, and surveys.)

 $ attend a meeting on how to use Wordle (then describe how your nonprofit might use this in the notes section).

 # Today I learned my nonprofit has 30,000 members and its mission statement is…


San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

Tyler Asaro

Journal Key:

(*) Tasks

($) Events

(#) Notes

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Day 1 – Competitive Environment

*SDRVC is an Environment Nonprofit and it is a conservancy that is dedicated to sustainable

management for the natural resources that come from San Dieguito Watershed. SDRVC is

partnered with several other nonprofits such as “Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley” and

“San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority”. Therefore, there are no real competitors due

to the other organizations working together in sustaining the San Dieguito Watershed. However,

there are strength in numbers and having the extension of SDRVC to several other nonprofits

helps ensure the Watershed stays thriving.

$ SDVRC has withheld 92,000 acres across and 70-mile coast to crest trail from the ocean at Del

Mar to Volcan Mountain that is North of Julian to have a mature reality for the past 30 plus


# Mission SDRVC is a conservancy that is here to preserve, protect, and share the cultural and

natural resources that San Dieguito River Valley has to offer, through collective efforts in order

to acquire lands, complete trails, restore old habitats, start establishing more educational

programs, create more interpretive centers, and ensure there is an ensemble of public support

backing the cause.

# Coast to Crest Trail SDRVC has been developing with its partners since 1986 to complete the

planning and execution of a 70-mile Coast to Crest trail, which includes spreading the

knowledge on the river valley they are preserving. The trail will ensure the public will be able to

explore the entirety of the San Dieguito Watershed along with the beauty it has to offer.

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Day 2 – Target Audience

*SDRVC is intended for the community of San Diego county, however it is not something that

should catered to just one community it should be knowledge giving around our country or

even worldwide. The audience should include any age that wants to better the environment,

because without our open water sources then a lot of animals would not survive as well as

plants, trees, etc.

$ Now that there is a little more leeway with the pandemic going on, it is as good as ever to get

an event together for cleaning up the areas that probably have not been maintained during

these times. Online teaching is a good way to gain help to, spreading knowledge helps the

environment too, SDRVC needs volunteers year round and they put events via where those who are into helping the environment can find out about

each event opportunity.

# Due to having different ways to help this nonprofit, there is so many different types of people

who can assist. For example, there is a citizen science monitoring program which is the citizen

scientists for SDRVC collecting plants and animal data from the river park to further understand

and they welcome all volunteers to join. Although the target audience is more towards those

who enjoy outdoors and want the environment to stay as healthy as possible, if you enjoy the

scientific side of things there is a spot for that too.

Day 3 – Social Media

*SDRVC is already on several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and on there

they are posting what is going on with them and what they are looking to accomplish. After

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researching a bit more on social media marketing I came across what World Wide Fund for

Nature (WWF) did in 2017 which was a campaign where they had people all over the world turn

off lights for an hour and the idea had over 2 billion impressions via the hashtag #EarthHour

amongst other tags.

$ For SDRVC they could do something similar but instead of being in doors taking it to the

Watershed (or any where you think needs a little clean up for the environment) and clean up,

pick up trash, post it on social media with tags, and just show that we are trying to continue

making Earth a great place. Not sure if San Diego County alone will create 2 billion impressions,

but any bit would count.

# Due to this being a nonprofit, the marketing mix does not fully work due to the money aspect

(there are donations, but I would not necessarily consider that in part of the mix). However, on

social media alone SDRVC has already shown who they are, what they are striving to

accomplish, and they for sure are showing that they are continuing to make a difference. They

still have events, as of right now the last Facebook posted one was May 30th and it was a

webinar. But like I mentioned before spreading knowledge does great justice if you can not help

the environment physically. Other than the price point of the marketing mix though, they have

the other (P’s) product is the Watershed of course, promotion is what the constantly do which is

have events, spread knowledge, get volunteers on board doing anything they can, and ensuring

others see it all in the works on social media, and lastly the place is inputted anywhere you see

the name SDRVC.

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Day 4 – Nonprofit News

$ within the past couple months there was supposed to be an event at the Coronado Public

Library in San Diego (postponed due to Covid-19), and it was going to be the first annual Citizen

Science Expo. It was going to include over a dozen environment friendly organizations, this

would have been a great way to get many minds together and share and contribute to one

another what they have been collecting and monitoring in their respective organizations.

Another event that was due to take place was a free rattlesnake safety class in association with

Southwestern Field Herping. It was going to be an event on what to do if you occur yourself in a

tight spot with a rattlesnake, what not to do, precautions to take, etc.

# Although SDRVC is clearly setting up events and making the news all around San Diego and

often too, it is sad to see that there is so much lost time during this pandemic but I do have faith

at the rate there were already going they will for sure continue to make a difference anyways in

the future once this is all said and done.

Day 5 – Geographic Impact and History

$ SDRVC started with its partners and sponsors in 1986, and the goal was to ensure all efforts

that were made by there organization and its volunteers and partners would impact the River

Valley of San Diego positively through restoration, teaching, create pathways to go through, gain

help through the community, and have centers where people of all ages can be involved.

# SDRVC is not just for the Watershed but it is also to ensure the citizens of San Diego and its

visitors are going through an environment which is not only safe but also kept in a condition

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that is good for the environment as well. Has all sorts of life such as a diverse bunch of

ecosystems, plants, and wildlife. The San Dieguito Watershed is the most intact watershed in

San Diego County. It is an organization which is led and operated by a volunteer Board of

Directors which is being supported by hundreds of Conservancy members whom have only one

desire involving this program which is to keep the watershed as pure and environment friendly

as possible. From nonprofit organizations to citizens to landowners, SDRVC is joined by so much

of the community just to operate and is amazing to see what has been done and what will

continue to be done by a huge group of people who are all wanting to just provide a better


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This study source was downloaded by 100000756351341 from on 01-30-2022 19:27:47 GMT -06:00


This study source was downloaded by 100000756351341 from on 01-30-2022 19:27:47 GMT -06:00
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