LOVE Week 2: Assignment 2 General Instructions (PWL-UG) 1. Be sure to copy only and all the black bold single-spaced parts, and present answers typed in

LOVE Week 2: Assignment 2 General Instructions (PWL-UG)

1. Be sure to copy only and all the black bold single-spaced parts, and present answers typed in plain double-space with all print in Arial 12.

2. Do not copy/place any italicized instructions for/on your submitted assignment.

3. Note Optional Comments or Questions to the Instructor at the end of the assignment.

4. Refer only to the assigned text and PPTs for this assignment, unless you are otherwise instructed to cite other designated sources, such as a supplement, an article or movie. All comment and application questions related to the assigned text or designated sources need multiple references in multiple places. Alluding to the text or just lifting an occasional quote will not do. Blend related text counsel with the response. Answers need to be plain and specific, and not vague and general. The instructor needs to see clear written evidence that the student has read, studied, understood, and properly applied text principles to personal and/or life examples.

5. See the APA Course Documentation Guide in the supplement section for course required APA in-text documentation with page numbers from the text or other sources as instructed. This includes direct quotes, summarizing and/or restating or paraphrasing the author’s ideas in your own words. Also, include the APA style list of references. Personal accounts, opinions, or examples do not require references.

6. The minimum pages per question with subparts are listed below. Answers are graded on the quality of answers, depth of thought, and clear evidence of text understanding.

7. Rather than doing a formal APA style cover sheet, please use only the two headings below and the Student Name all in bold
. Copy the three-line heading just as done below at the top of your first page.
Bold type

your name by the indicated place below with only a single space between the heading and the body/Q & A section.

8. The assigned text reading is stated below.

9. Plainly label the assignment’s file attachment as: LastnameFirstinitial2UG.

10. Be sure to read/review, understand, and follow all instructions before doing this assignment. A little read time can make a big grade difference.


Assignment Two: Understanding Different Love Languages

Student Name:

Assigned Reading: Cover the entire book,
The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,

by Gary Chapman. Review PPT-1a and read PPT-2a.

PPT-1b/2b is optional reading that is designed to support course understanding.

(Note that PPT-1a/b is found within the Week 1 task list.)

For this assignment, refer only to this text and the required PPT reading.

Note: The grade letter will depend on clarity, depth, and quality of the answers.

2.0 Student Introduction:

Briefly share your current major, if you are a full-time or part time student, your current occupation or avocation, your main goals, why you chose this course, and any other pertinent information.
< Limit 2.0 to about half a page.>

General Course Questions:

2.1 Personal Opinion:

a. How would you generally define or concisely describe a genuine or mature love? Give a real-life example. How does this type affect a close relationship?

b. How would you generally define or concisely describe an insincere or immature love? Give a real-life example. How does an immature love affect a close relationship?

c. On a scale with the most immature love as a 1 and the most mature love as a 10, where do you place yourself in relating to your closest others? Would they likely agree with your assessment and what makes you think so?

< The total length of all 2.1 parts should about a page or more in length.>

2.2 Personal: Having completed the Self Evaluation: Ten Questions on Relational Success, briefly comment on the areas you want or need to improve the most.

a. Envision that you have become the very best you within your own human potentials. That would mean you successfully achieved all model and healthy 10s on your self-evaluation. If this were the case, how would you clearly describe your attitude about self and others, how would others feel about you, and what effect would that have on your future personal and professional relations?

b. On a scale of 1-10 where would you say you are now relationally with those close and others, and very briefly tell what is/are the main reason(s)?

c. On a scale of 1-10, realistically where do you want to be relationally?

d. Tell specifically what main efforts and how changes need to happen to get yourself from where you are now to where you want to be?

2.3 Understanding How to Best Measure and Evaluate SMART Goals:

Read and study the SMART Goal Guide in the Course Supplements section.

Think about what each SMART Goal part is asking and how you need to respond.

Successful goals are realistically doable and so clearly stated that someone else could visualize what has been written and know exactly what to do. Vague goals do not get done. The three course goals should not be a repetition of other goals.

a. What is your greatest challenge in making successful personal SMART Goals?

b. How can you best manage that challenge?

2.4 Self-Evaluation Analysis: (Document cited answers as instructed.)

Ponder your Self Evaluation questions and subparts 1 (Personal Insights?) and 2 (Emotional-Physical-Mental Understanding?). Scan the supplements PPT-1a/2a, particularly the segments under Food for Thought. When reflecting on the above Self Evaluation questions and the above PPTs, what mostly relates to you and can help you, directly or indirectly for the past, present, and/or future, and specifically explain how or why.

2.5 Major Text Related Question: (Document cited answers as instructed.)

a. How does your thinking need to be or to change so to properly apply the love language principles?

b. Identify the main Love Languages for yourself and several persons who are the easiest to connect and/or to engage in meaningful conversation. Explain how or why you identified these individuals as such and the relational effect. How does properly applying love language principles enhance these relationships?

c. Give specific examples of love language gestures or actions from the text that would be welcomed by each of above-mentioned other(s) and by you.

2.6 Optional Comments or Questions to the Instructor:

< If you have no comments or questions, delete 2.6.>


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