I Need A Report 15 Appendix A Instructions for Dietary Analysis Papers Objectives: Upon completion of student will this assignment the stud


Appendix A

Instructions for Dietary Analysis Papers

Upon completion of student will this assignment the student will be able to:
1. Objectively assess own personal dietary patterns using the Dietary Guidelines and
MyPlate Food Guidance System.
2. Practice the process of recording and analyzing food intake for its nutritive and
cariogenic value.
3. Use nutritional knowledge to improve the oral health of self and dental patients.
4. Use www.myplate.gov tools to access resources for dietary analysis.
5. Understand how medical & dental conditions, social, culture, religion, and food selection
affects nutrition.

#1 Personal 24-Hour Dietary Analysis
For the 24-Hour Dietary Analysis papers in this course you will need to include
Scoring the Sweets form, one Food Diary form, MyPlate Plan, and your written report.

A. Obtain from Clinic File Box a Food Diary Form and write down everything you eat for
one day. Do not use a weekend, most people eat differently on weekends.

• Do not choose days when you are dieting, fasting, or sick.
• Be specific in recording the amounts of servings you eat for each food.
• Write down any extras added to foods such as mayonnaise on a sandwich, butter on

your toast, salad dressing, chewing gum, and fluids (e.g., water, alcohol).
• Use brand names whenever possible (e.g., Cheerios, McDonald’s).
• Record how food was prepared (e.g., baked, fried, or grilled).
• Do not include nutritional supplements in this report.

B. Enter your data at MyPlate Plan | MyPlate to get your MyPlate Plan and calculate a
personal food plan based on weight, height, age, and activity level. Download and print a
copy to either maintain your current weight or to achieve a healthy weight. Analyze your
dietary intake using the information from the recommended MyPlate Plan for your report.
You will print and include in each diet analysis paper:

1. One copy of the Food Diary Form with the list of the foods you ate for each of the
three days.

2. One copy of your personalized MyPlate Plan results obtained from MyPlate.
3. Scoring the Sweets form.

C. Compare what you ate with the recommended MyPlate Plan and analyze the adequacy

of intake of your servings for EACH food group.
• Discuss the recommended servings for each food group according to your

personalized Daily Food Plan.
• Discuss how many servings you actually ate from each food group.
• Describe in detail which of the food groups were adequate and which ones were not

adequate according to amounts recommended for you on the Daily Food Plan.


• Under each Food Group, discuss which foods you could add or remove to make your
diet healthier.

Remember: You will not be graded on what you eat, but how well you document and
describe/analyze what you eat (serving sizes for each food group, amounts, etc.).

D. Carbohydrate Analysis using Scoring the Sweets

• On the Food Diary Form where the food you ate was recorded, circle with a red pencil
each fermentable carbohydrate that you ate.

• For each food you circled in RED, classify that food or liquid under the correct
category in the Scoring the Sweets form.

• Calculate the total the number of minutes of acid exposure for each day using the
Scoring the Sweets form. Consider that one exposure may include several
fermentable CHOs, and that not every meal is cariogenic. Use your book to see the
list of foods that lower the pH (p. 367).

• Calculate if the caries risk as low, medium or high; 2 hours a day is considered high.
• Include the Scoring the Sweets forms in the report.

E. Write an essay analysis of your 24-Hour diet analysis using the following subheadings
for this APA paper. Include all forms, place paper after title page, and staple all papers.

• Title page- see sample
• Introduction- this is a paragraph as to why nutrition is important as it relates to health

and dental health.
• Food Group Serving Amounts- discuss the amount of servings you ate for each

food group and compare it to the recommended amounts for each food group that
you received from MyPlate Plan.

• Scoring the Sweets- describe the total number of minutes and risk factor for caries,
and modifications to improve. State the foods that you ate that are cariogenic in your
paper. Comment on your findings; give specific and realistic recommendations for
modifications for prevention of caries. Which healthy snacks could you substitute for
unhealthy snacks and drinks you eat?

• Modifying Diet- Describe how to modify your diet to get the recommended servings
for each food group. Be specific as to which foods and how many servings you would
need to add or subtract from your diet to reach the recommended amounts that were
recommended for you.

• References- Don’t forget to add references for using MyPlate.gov and your book
if you referred to your book in the report.

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