Homework HUSV301 Assignment 3: Know Your Culture Review this website carefully (versus study or memorize) reflecting on your culture for the purpose of

HUSV301 Assignment 3: Know Your Culture

Review this website carefully (versus study or memorize) reflecting on your culture for the purpose of

exploring and reflecting on aspects of your culture, beliefs, and practices:

http://www.collegeofdirectsupport.com/Content/Sertoma/images/captions/cc/CC00Lesson2.pdf .

When writing this essay, do not use second-person language such as “you, your’s, you’re, yourself”;

rather, write a reflection using first-person language “I, me, my, myself”.

Part I: Write a 2 to 3-page essay covering all 3 parts of Part I that include the following:

1) Discuss at least 5 of the following points:

What are the influences of your family and the region/s you were raised in regarding:

a. The way you access healthcare; the practices you use for preventive care,

b. Your cultural beliefs about mental illness,

c. Emotions/ feelings that are acceptable to express and share – and with whom,

d. The way your family (family of origin and current family) spends time together,

e. How your family celebrates birthdays and holidays,

f. How weddings and funerals are performed,

g. The influence of spiritual or religious beliefs on behaviors and interactions.

h. How do you define “quality of life” for yourself and your family?

i. What are the norms you have for eating meals?

j. Who did your family regard as heroes?

k. Looking back in life, is there anything you now consider unusual about your culture that you

took for granted when you were growing up?

2) Locate and discuss two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles about a multicultural issue in human

services that supports beliefs you have about your own race, ethnicity, or some aspect of your

culture. This could be in relation to implicit bias, barriers to care, assumptions, discrimination,

privilege, standards of care, beliefs about accessing care, eye contact, male/female interactions

with providers, systemic discrimination, policies, etc. Practice use of APA style citations and a

reference page while continuing to use first-person language.

3) Follow these instructions carefully:

A. Grade your essay using the essay grading rubric (linked separately: Essay Rubric – Self Score)

B. Based on your rubric grading, revise your essay, editing toward the best possible score

(using the rubric).

C. D. Submit your self-score rubric with 2-3 sentences on what you learned about the

importance of using rubrics to check your work. Submit the edited version of the essay for

full points. (You do not need to submit your original essay.)

Part II: Using first-person language (I, me, my, myself, mine), write a ½ to 1-page essay reflecting on

your experience as being “different” at any point in your life (that you are comfortable sharing). This

could be an experience of being socially excluded or discriminated against. In your essay, reflect on a

time you found yourself uncomfortable with your surroundings, with people who were not like you.

a. What were your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?

b. How did you conduct yourself? For example, did you try to fit in, escape, pretend, ask

questions, observe, engage, distance?

c. How did your body feel when you were outside your comfort zone with people from

differing beliefs, cultures, political persuasion, lifestyle, race, etc?

d. If you were uncomfortable, what could have made the experience more comfortable?

e. How did you feel when you were no longer in that situation? What did you tell yourself

about the experience?

f. Has the experience affected your beliefs, behaviors, or interactions in any way?

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