Help With Interpersonal Assgn Due In 36 Hours due in 36 hours attached 2 parts Final Research PowerPoint (Estimated time for completion: 4-6 hours) Int

Help With Interpersonal Assgn Due In 36 Hours due in 36 hours


2 parts Final Research PowerPoint

(Estimated time for completion: 4-6 hours)

Interpersonal Communication Project (100 points)

Inspired by our readings and aimed at improving our Interpersonal Communication, you will complete a project following the steps listed below:

A. Choose a concept in the communication process.


1. Choose only one concept to focus on.

2. Possible communication concepts include, but are not limited to:

1. Role of self-concept in communication

2. Importance of forming accurate perceptions in communication

3. Expression of emotions

4. Listening

5. Nonverbal communication

6. Verbal communication

7. Role of conflict and/or power in communication

8. Role of gender in communication

9. Influence of culture on communication

10. Interpersonal competence

11. Or any other communication concept you find of interest!

3. Narrow down your topic to a manageable size.


B. Research the communication concept which will be the focus of your project.


1. Using 3 sources (besides your textbook) research the concept and how it seems to apply to interpersonal communication.

1. Sources may include journals, magazines, books, newspapers and credible internet sources (No Wikipedia).

2. Source citations will be cited in your project using the MLA format.

3. The use of to format the Works Cited page in MLA format is encouraged.

5. This is not your opinion, but rather a review of information that increases your knowledge and understanding of the concept.

6. Your presentation must include either a statistical comparison or graph.

7. The goal is to learn more about the topic of interest.

C. Prepare a Power Point presentation.


1. Based on your research, prepare a 15-20 slide presentation.

2. Presentation should summarize the major findings of the research.

3. Your presentation may be made available to your classmates, therefore, you should think carefully about how to make the ideas you learn useful to them. Make it interesting and educational!

4. Presentations must include one link to an article, survey, or activity that will be of interest to your classmates.

5. Presentation must include a “Works Cited” slide, which will not count toward the 15-20 slide requirement.

Grading Criteria:

“A” project—exceeds expectations “B” project—above expectations

“C” project—meets expectations “D” and “F” projects —below expectations

NOTE: Large files can take a long time to load. Be patient. The use of transitions, animation, or music may make your file to large to load. These items are not required and should be excluded.

Video Final Exam: Mandatory for all students

Start Assignment

· Due Monday by 11:59pm

· Points 30

· Submitting a website url or a media recording

The Final is MANDATORY. Failure to make a passing grade on the final exam may result in an “F” in the course. No one is exempt.
Instructions: Use Chrome as your browser when recording in Canvas.

Submit a video responding to the following questions:

1. Think about all of the lessons and ideas we explored this semester. Discuss three concepts that have made a personal impact on you. Plan to speak for about 1 minute on each concept you choose (total of 3 minutes.)

2. Of all the course activities you engaged in this semester, which was your favorite and why? Allow 1 minute for this response.

This video exam is mandatory. You must complete it successfully to pass this course.

Your thoughts may not be read or memorized. Answer the questions like you are talking to me personally. Focus on verbally expressing your ideas. You may read the question, but your answer must be delivered extemporaneously.

Note: Be sure that there is adequate light on your face so that you can be clearly seen.

How to Submit:

Choice 1: Record directly into canvas. You can do this right here in Canvas using a webcam attached to your computer or by recording through Canvas on a smart phone. Click on Media to get started. Use Chrome as your browser when recording in Canvas. Click on Record and start talking.

Choice 2: Record your video and upload it as a file, please note that your file size must be smaller than 500MB. You may need to go into settings and reduce the file size before you record your video. Click on Media to get started. Select Upload Media, and attach your file.

Choice 3: If you have trouble with Choice 1 and 2, you may use YouTube. See the attached instructions for submitting the URL:

Video Submission – YouTube Instructions .docx Download Video Submission – YouTube Instructions .docx

Students must earn a passing grade on all videos in order to successfully pass the course.

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