framing essay IAS students develop their writing and communication abilities by advancing an awarene English and Literature

IAS students develop their writing and communication abilities by advancing an awareness of the interconnected relationships between purpose, audience, author and context. They learn to communicate their purposes effectively to diverse audiences through writing, presentations, and other media, and to use a range of evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, to develop ideas and support claims in ways that best serve their needs. As part of this process, they develop the ability to indicate clearly and self-reflexively the ways their specific acts of communication relate to the work of others.

Choose 2 “artifacts” from your work archive that provide evidence of these capacities. This may require you to select different artifacts to compare, to illustrate how each artifact required a different form of research. Some of you may have a single artifact that demonstrates interdisciplinary research & inquiry in itself. If you like, you can choose one artifact in which your abilities were less developed, and another in which they were better developed in your comparisons. If you would like to add more artifacts to your UW Google site for this purpose, go ahead.

In 500–750 words, write a framing essay that introduces the reader to the artifacts and explains their significance (and your choices). You should aim to be as specific as possible in explaining to the reader how the artifacts you have chosen evince your abilities with regard to Writing and Communication.

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