First Definition Research Reading homework help

First Definition Paper: 

Choose only one of the Core topic issue – Globalization or Diversity for paper. 

The purpose of the Definition Section is to lay the foundation of understanding for your
chosen issue and core topic. This section will be between 6 – 8 pages of research based
information (please cite all your sources)

 Please organize your Definition Section with the following sub headings:

 GENESIS: Genesis mean origins or beginnings and so this section contains research of
the historical origins of your issue of research and possibly your core topic. This
section is relatively short so do be selective on what you include, meaning you might
not be able to cover the history since the beginning of time but what about the modern
(within the last 100 years or so) origins. A quick example: let’s say you selected
“ethics” and you are investigating the origins of “animal testing”, what are the origins of
animal testing and when did people start raising the question of if we should really be
doing this?

 DENOTATION: This section includes key terms that will be used in your research.
Include key terms and their definitions (like a glossary). This section may will vary in
the number of terms contained and is expected to be expanded upon as your research
progresses. Some of you might only come across a few terms that you feel should be
isolated and defined while others will have a few more. I would say this “gossary” to
fewer than ten.

 CONNOTATION: This section includes perspectives of how your issue and core topic
and are important and worth discussing in this current day. In other words, what is the
relevance of your research today and how has it become popularized? What are current
events and news stories? Why is currently important and a contemporary issue? Who is
discussing it and why? This should lead you into the next section of …


OPPOSING / DIVERGENT VIEWS: This section includes “both sides of the coin” or
the viewpoints of key stakeholders in the issue of research; elaborate on advantages and
disadvantages; pro and con; ethical vs. unethical considerations, etc.. While some bullet
points may be used in this section be sure the key viewpoints are expanded on and
developed to create a greater understanding.


SYSTEMS / MODEL / THEORIES: This section can include any theories, models,
charts, graphs, pictures, time lines or other systems relevant to your research. You can
think of it as a more visual section of your paper, but do be sure to include some text to
provide context for the images, charts, or graphs. 


This first definition paper is fundamental to building the foundation of your research

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