final essay Gibson: HUM2020: Final Essay

In detail and addressing the novel as well as the Dr Humanities

Gibson: HUM2020: Final Essay

In detail and addressing the novel as well as the Dream, defend one of the following thesis statements.  Be sure to support your response with relevant and specific quotations (take care to not string your quotes and to avoid block quotation).  Be as specific and detailed as possible. In your response go beyond a rehashing of factual details, spending time explaining “Why?” and “How?” the information conveyed is important and what are “Implications” regarding the Dream. Please address the readings and learning modules as part of your response. Avoid phrases such as:  “I think,” “to me,” “in my opinion,” and “I agree.”  Simply present your argument with supporting material from the course. Please cite your work using the MLA format, and provide a properly formatted Works Cited page.  12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch Margins, single-spaced.  Minimum 1250 words.

Special note:  brevity will not be rewarded!  Be specific and detailed in your response. Don’t waste time making general assertions—get to the point.


Option A:  Hemingway

In Hemingway’s evocation of the Dream, no party is held harmless, and the reader must sympathize with the most unlikely of characters while lamenting that, on the whole, the American Dream collapses upon itself.

Option B: Hurston

Janie’s American Dream is a Dream fundamentally linked to her realization of selfhood and an organic union with another in a period when women, especially women of color, are forced to accept traditional expectations of womanhood both confining and subservient.


In your response use a thesis driven approach. Be sure to use details from the narrative/reading to support your points. Make the connection between your points and the examples given.

For every thought/sentence/idea remember:

How so?

In what way?

For example?


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