Ethics: essay 1. Read: The Case of Elizabeth Bouvia in the Required Readings section for module 4.<b English and Literature

1. Read: The Case of Elizabeth Bouvia in the Required Readings section for module 4.

2. Prompt: Is Kant right? Were Bouvia’s repeated attempts at starvation wrong? 

In addressing this question, you must do the following:

(1) Provide a brief overview of the relevant aspects of the case. Don’t assume your reader is familiar with the story of Elizabeth Bouvia. 

(2) Explain why Kant would conclude that Bouvia’s repeated attempts at suicide would be wrong. Yes, Kant claims that suicide is wrong in both works previously mentioned. However, it’s not enough to simply note that Kant thinks suicide is wrong. Instead, you must explain why he comes to this conclusion. Hence, your discussion should include an explanation of key concepts, ideas or principles like the categorical imperative, persons, reason, inclination, etc. 

(3) Provide a rigorous evaluation of the Kantian argument for why Bouvia’s repeated attempts at starvation were wrong.  Here you should consider an objection to the claim that Bouvia’s attempts at starvation were wrong. Then assess the strengths and weaknesses of the objection. 

(4) Please refer to the paper writing guidelines for general requirements on writing philosophical essays. You need to cite all sources as you would in a standard philosophical essay using MLA formatting and citation guidelines. MLA Tool Kit .

Note that this assignment needs a proper thesis that answers the question of whether or not a Kantian analysis of the Bouvia case is correct.

(5) Your submission should be between 1000-1500 words, with a minimum of 900 words

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