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Academic writing

Academic writing

1. Argument

“We must resist all attempts to permit the government to censor entertainment. Freedom of expression and speech are basic to a democratic form of administration. As soon as we permit some censorship, it will not take long before censorship will be utilized to silence outlooks and opinions critical of the government. The next thing we know, we will have no more freedom than the Germans did under Hitler.”

There is evidence of logos, where the author refers to the 4Th amendment civil rights, and thereby his argument is supported by logic and facts. Also, the author utilizes pathos, where he appeals to the people’s emotions by urging the people to resist censorship or they would wind up like the Germans under the governance of Hitler- everyone fear or hate Hitler. (Miller-Cochran, S. K. (2019). The argument is drawn from both logic, raw data, and inartistic evidence. The mention of freedom of speech and the conditions the Germans were under Hitler are both supported by evidence. However, the claim that allowing censorship would result in quietening opinions is basically the opinions and outlooks of the author.

Question 2. Thesis

a. With a majority of teenagers using social media and smartphones currently, cyberbullying is on the upswing. Cyberbullying places tremendous stress on these teenagers and therefore, guardians or parents should restrict the use of smartphones, overseer their youngsters’ online happenings and account any cyberbullying occurrences to the school administration to fight this issue.

This is because (a) majority of the teens accumulate a vast amount of screen time and thereby have no time for other constructive activities, (b) cyberbullying can result in anxiety, depression, or suicidal deliberations and (c) the teenagers are not only exposed to cyberbullying but also exposure to damaging and inappropriate materials such as nudity and drugs.

b. Since a majority of children are incapable to immunize due to ailments, it is necessary that all able and healthful children be inoculated to prompt herd immunity.

This will be important as it will (a) directly safeguard the inoculated children and secondarily safeguard non-immunized children, (b) it would reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of illnesses such as common cold in all children.

Question 3. Audience

The parents and school administration might have a vague idea regarding the topic. However, they are most aware of the adverse effects of extended screen time on teenagers. My audience should be aware of ways in which cyberbullying impacts the teens psychologically and emotionally, ways to mitigate or reduce the use of smartphones or computers, and steps to takes should a parent or teacher suspect a cyberbullying occurrence. (Du, H. (2020). The parents will be interested in this topic as they would want their children to live healthily, physically, and psychologically. The teachers would be interested as healthy teenager means that the learning process will be smooth. The teenagers themselves will learn ways to protect themselves from cyberbullying. Sources from the government and educational websites will be most reliable as they will be supported by data and statistics. Sources from social media and opinions and blogging sites will be most unreliable.

Question 4. Prof analysis

The author’s description of the advertisements aligns with my understanding of the argument in that they are claims which are backed up by logic, inartistic evidence, or assumption. The author describes persuasive advertising as providing data and information to assist a consumer make the right decision on buying the product while manipulative advertising aims to use arguments, specifics and exercising with audience’s emotions deceptively and misleadingly. (Miller-Cochran, S. K. (2019). The Cadillac and Chevrolet adverts assume the idea of the “American dream” to appeal to all Americans and claim that by buying these cars, the consumer is bound to become popular. Ethos is described where both adverts use the authority of the car brands to advertise. Pathos is present where GM uses the “heartbeat of America” and utilizing images such as family picnic and country songs to play on the emotions of the audience.

Question 5. Student analysis

The author states his thesis in the middle of a paragraph. The author phrases the thesis in this manner so that it can align with his argument and opinion regarding the topic of discussion. The author uses logos to draw from historical and current facts regarding US foreign policy. He uses logos to support his claim since it provides proof, credibility, and reliability of the information given. the argument is intended for the advertisement audience and the US citizens at large. (Miller-Cochran, S. K. (2019). The author joins into the conversation regarding ways in which advertisements manipulate the consumers, rather than offering informative data. The author’s claim regarding the manipulative nature of the advertisement is convincing as the advert influences citizens’ patriotic urge into buying the bonds. The author’s claim that the advert uses manipulative components to establish an improved future for the viewers is less convincing.


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