EBP projects In patients with foot ulcers, is negative pressure wound therapy and autologous heterogeneous skin constructs compared with standard wound car

In patients with foot ulcers, is negative pressure wound therapy and autologous heterogeneous skin constructs compared with standard wound care, effective in increasing rates wound closure

N316 EBP Paper Part 1
Helpful Hints

Paper Basics

This is a formal paper. Follow APA 7 format.

Cover page

Should list each team member in alphabetical order.


Cited properly within the paper and on reference list

Full sentences, appropriate grammar & spelling

No contractions

Acronyms spelled out first time

Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

Hypertension (HTN)

APA Resources

APA 7 Publication Manual (Student Guidance)

Tips for Writing in APA 7 under Assignments

APA website:


Guidelines lets you query specific topics

Instructional Aids à Handouts and Guides



Syllabus, B-2 (page 10)

Grading Criteria
Introduction contains a topic sentence and wrap-up sentence1.0
Introduction presents a logical flow of data and sound reasoning that leads to the clinical question1.0
Introduction shows a clear connection between nursing (or interprofessional practice) and the clinical question1.0
Introduction cites at least two sources from appropriate (i.e., authoritative and/or peer-reviewed) literature to support claims (other than the 2 articles you are evaluating)0.5
All four PICO components are clearly identified0.5
Databases, search terms, Boolean operators and delimiters are identified0.5
Meets good writing criteria according to the American Psychological Association’s Manual (7th Ed.) – e.g., full sentences, no contractions, acronyms defined first use, no grammatical errors or typos, proper source citation0.5
Total points5.0

Paper will be ~ 4 paragraphs of content.

First 1 to 2 paragraphs make a case for this project (significance of the clinical problem). Why does this matter to nurses? Why is this important to do?

Prevalence, outcomes, current state/ gaps in knowledge

Use 2 additional references (NOT your primary articles) to support. Systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines, CDC, AHRQ, WHO data OK here.

Cite within the paper and on reference list.

Remington’s introduction excellent example

Example of Significance/Background


Search Strategy

~ 1 to 2 paragraphs


Database(s) that were searched (at least 2 including CINAHL)

Search terms or combination of terms, Boolean operators,

Any delimiters that were used (i.e. publication year, language)

Which combinations of search terms/delimiters worked well and which did not?

How many articles did you find to be related to the research problem you are reviewing?

Why did you include the two articles for review? Cite each article and give rationale for why that article was chosen within paragraph. Put article on reference list.

Do not use Google Scholar and One Search, they are search engines, not databases.

Remember, you have already completed this section as part of Discussion Board #1

Look at the methods section of a systematic review for an example of discussing search strategy.

I’d rather have students review Eileen Harrington’s video



State your clinical question.

Then identify each component

P (population)

I (intervention – you have been assigned)

C (comparison, if present)

O (outcome)

This is not part of the introduction paragraph.


Pulling Paper Together

Finished paper has cover page, content, reference page(s).

Everyone on the team is responsible for the paper.

Duties should be divided (who does which piece)

Need to go back through the entire paper and make sure flows well.

Everyone should proofread entire paper.

One person from team submits into portal. (One submission per team.)

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