Discussion Post Lady Lazarus What does “Lady Lazarus” think about life and death? Are they two compl English and Literature

What does “Lady Lazarus” think about life and death? Are they two completely distinct states? Or does the poem have another point of view?

1. ( Respond to this )
Lady Lazarus thinks she has control over life and death. She almost died at age 10 but was brought back by some type of force. At about age 20 she tried to commit suicide and again was brought back or saved. Perhaps as Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he raised her too. At age 30 she took her life again and she was not at fortunate as the other two times. 

Lady Lazarus thought each rebirth gave her new power. She stated she had nine lives as if she was a cat and could die and come back each time and be a new person. Perhaps she was hoping the misery, depression, the negative outlook on life would be gone each time she beat death. Like the shedding of old skin and having new skin. Another example would be baptism washing away the old and the start of the new. I think Lady Lazarus was a reflection of Plath as a person, a wife, and a mother, she thought death would give her the power or rebirth to be a better person, wife, and or mother each time.

2. Respond ( to this )
The speaker’s enemies are the doctors that bring her back to life after she attempts suicide. She hopes that her suicide attempts would be successful and that she would actually die, but she is brought back to life each time. The doctors have no empathy for her or her mental well-being. They see her as a form of entertainment, not as a real person with real emotions. They just want to see if they are good enough doctors that can bring her body physically back to life. The doctors are her enemy because they treat her like a zoo animal in a cage: something to look at to bring them entertainment. I think that this poem is pretty close to being biographical. I believe this because this poem was published 2 years after she committed suicide in real life, so she was definitely depressed in real life. Sylvia Plath actually had a successful attempt at suicide.

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