Discussion Please describe your thoughts /comments on this poem.

Brush Strokes

By Reed English and Literature

Please describe your thoughts /comments on this poem.

Brush Strokes

By Reed Pelton

Life is like an elaborate painting.

Amazing things happening around you

Like when the brush hits the canvas just right.

Colors merging together

To create this magnificent masterpiece.

The joyous feeling you get

When everything is working out

Like how you pictured in your head.

But suddenly with one wrong brush stroke

Everything is ruined.

Disarray occurs,

Things are no longer meshing together

They way they should.

The colors are off,

The shapes are wrong.

One false move,

One wrong action, one wrong color,

And the masterpiece that is your life

Is utterly destroyed.

Is there any hope left?

Is there any way to fix this?

With life you cannot start anew

Like you can with a piece of art.

You can paint over,

You can cover,

The mistakes and the problems and the issues,

But you cannot just toss this canvas in the trash.

The magnificent piece of artwork

That is your life,

Cannot be thrown away.

It is too precious, too elaborate,

And it is the only one you will ever own.

You have to find a way to repair, to cover, to hide the mistake.

To keep on going on with that painting,

Trying not to break,

Not giving up

After one wrong brush stroke.

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