Discussion on “Everyday Use” 1. (ANSWER THE QUESTION)
Think about the relationship between Maggi English and Literature

Think about the relationship between Maggie and her mother. How do you imagine they
get along? What clues are available to you from the text?



I believe that the mothers relationship with Dee was very good but also very conflict heavy. I believe that because Dee had better looks than her other daughter, Dee was very clearly the favorite despite the fact that Dee burned down the old house. And I feel like she is the favorite because even though Dee burned down the house (unlike Maggie) she was still the favorite.

I feel like the mother is very happy with Dees success, but did not like the fact that Dee was changing herself and identifying with a different culture. So I would say she definitely has mixed feelings.

When Dee says “It’s really a new day for us. But from the way
you and Mama live you’d never know it.” I believe they don’t know it because the way they live is the exact same as it was when Dee was still there. Dee went off and bettered herself but the family kind of stayed stationary, and unless they enlighten themselves, they can not see that every day is a new day


Maggie is the polar opposite of Dee, so I’m sure they get along in a good and bad way. She’s calm, observant, and eager to do whatever is asked of her. Maggie is described by the author as charming, in that she doesn’t have much to offer the world but is an important element of the plot. She’s composed, perceptive, and eager to perform whatever is required of her. Maggie is regarded as charming by the author because she doesn’t have much to offer the world but is an important part of the plot. Maggie and Dee also have a symbiotic connection that is caught between jealousy and awe. Maggie had always felt Dee had been blessed with an easy existence, one in which she had always desired to have. In the end the mother feels the need to finally protect her daughter from Dee’s greediness and shows her compassion and that she can win.

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