CUSTOMER SERVICE COURSE HOSP-1008 Customer Service Operational Assessment Assignment Assignment Type: Individual. Learning Outcome: Apply your th


Operational Assessment Assignment

Assignment Type: Individual.

Learning Outcome: Apply your theoretical skills to assess the customer service of a Manitoba hospitality/tourism operation of your choice.

Preface: Many businesses hire a “secret shopper” to evaluate the services they offer. You will become a secret shopper for a tourism/hospitality operation by evaluating their customer service and offering constructive feedback and suggestions.

Assignment Details: Choose the operation you wish to evaluate and record it with your instructor to avoid duplication. Select a restaurant, hotel or a tourism organization from the list below.

TOURISM examples
· Manitoba Museum
· Canadian Museum for Human Rights
· Winnipeg Zoo
· Fort Whyte Center
· Children’s Museum
· McPhillip’s Street Station Casino
· Regent Street Casino
· Other tourism businesses, please confirm with your Instructor.

To begin evaluating their customer service skills call the business and make inquiries and a reservation, if appropriate. Inquire about hours of operation, activities or the menu and any special promotions or events. Your inquiry should also include the challenge of serving a customer with a disability such as a wheelchair or visual impairment. You can also test their product knowledge by asking about serving a customer with a nut allergy in a restaurant or language services in an attraction.

Next, conduct research to see if the business has a website. If so, evaluate the usefulness of the information offered and if it is consistent with the information you already have.

Finally, visit the operation and become a customer by using their services. Evaluate the customer service skills of all employees that you come in contact with. Complete the assessment form and answer all questions outlined in the assignment. The Assessment Form is linked in the assignment and must be submitted in the assignment. Create an experience map of your contact as a customer with this business showing all the points of contact.

It is best to read the assessment form and assignment criteria before you make a call or visit the operation.

You must submit a written summary of your findings along with the assessment form and experience map. Your written summary must cover the following topics and answer

Operation Description

Give a brief description of the operation that includes location, type of food or activity, price range, atmosphere, entertainment, target market, mission or goal of the business and other information to generally describe the business. (One paragraph)

Basic Customer Expectations

Did the operation meet each of the seven basic customer expectations? Be specific in explaining how they did or did not meet each expectation. Use examples to support each finding. (Five paragraphs)

Communication Skills

Evaluate their overall communication skills that you experienced in person and over the phone using the assessment form. All information from the assessment form should be incorporated and discussed in the report. For example, “The phone was answered promptly, in two rings, and the host provided a pleasant, appropriate greeting….” Support your findings using examples. (Three paragraphs)

Retention and Feedback

Did the operation seek feedback from you and if so how? Was it formal or informal? How do you think the information was used? (One paragraph)

Select one interaction from the experience map where the operation could have sought feedback but did not. Explain how you would seek feedback and why? (One paragraph)

Does this business have a program in place to develop loyalty? If so how does it work? Can you suggest another program that would develop loyalty? If one is not in place, make one suggestion for this operation to develop loyalty within their customers. (One paragraph)


Explain how the employees you came into contact with were positive/negative attitude catalysts. Based on your experience with these employees, do you think there is a clearly outlined mission statement or service promise in place? Why or why not? Based on your experience with this business, what might an existing service promise say to the employees? (One paragraph)

Exceeding Expectations

Using the experience map for this operation, choose one customer interaction and explain how you would take this interaction from meeting expectations to exceeding expectations. Begin by explaining the basic expectation and then explain how your suggestion exceeds that expectation. (One paragraph)

Submission: The guidelines for the written report are as follows:
· The report will be word processed in APA style using 12 point font and double-spaced.
· Include a title page that gives the date, course, assignment title and student name.
· The report must have an introduction, body, conclusion and references.

· The body of the report should be arranged under the required headings and have numbered pages.
· Spelling and grammar will be marked.
· The Assessment Form and Experience Map are included in the appendix.
· All works must be cited with in-text citations if applicable in APA style as taught in Communications class.

Evaluation: Please refer to the marking criteria before beginning this assignment. You should also review it before you submit this assignment for marking.

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