consumerism cheapens democracy broken into three parts pollution , marketing/advertising/ethics This Business and Management – Argumentative essay

This group assignment tasks you with responding to the current moment in America and the world as it relates to threats to democracy and media’s role in its downfall and possible salvation. As a group, you will be asked to argue what you think the biggest current threat to American democracy is and suggest ways to best address it via changes to contemporary media/communication. This may be at a personal level, a community level, or even at a national/international level. You will be assessed on the strength of your argument, the evidence you use to support your claims, and your ability to synthesize and utilize course concepts.

With a group of no more than four total students (or by yourself), you will complete a 6-8 page document that (1) describes the issue impacting democracy (with evidence), (2) explains the role of media in this issue, and finally (3) proproses media-based solutions to address the problem. The document must be in 12 point Times font, with margins of no more than 1 inch, double-spaced. Include proper citation for your outside-the-class source, including a full bibliographic citation at the end of your paper using consistent citation styling.

The paper must make meaningful, thoughtful use of at least ONE reading on the syllabus. In addition, you must find and make meaningful, thoughtful use of ONE non-assigned academic source. Beyond this, you are encouraged to use as many sources as possible to support your argument. Academic sources include books, academic journal articles, or chapters in academic anthologies.  You should NOT use Wikipedia, online dictionaries, or any form of non-academic online journalism

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