Congo- Final Informational Research Paper This is the final paper on our topic on the Congo! This pa History – Research paper

This is the final paper on our topic on the Congo! This paper requires we include all of the research we did, to create a final paper. This paper should include:

-A statement of a topic and problem or issue to be analyzed, with a preliminary interpretation (hypothesis) and discussion of how this might add to or vary from the established literature.

-A discussion of why this interpretation is important and to what extent it will
change our understanding of the field or issue involved.

– A discussion of the primary and secondary sources that will be drawn upon in constructing an argument/thesis in support of this interpretation. Including analysis of what are the strengths and weaknesses of the archives, data, and/or historiography available for the project. Are there innovative or creative approaches that might supplement the standard resources available?

-This includes a discussion of any research materials, data, or literature that support inferences or provide evidence in support of the research interpretation or hypothesis.
-This will detail the organization and presentation of the paper’s arguments, evidence, and conclusions.
Bibliography: A properly formatted bibliography in Chicago style

Use the previous papers you wrote for me to complete this assignment! Same sources and everything, this time it will be a full analysis of the research subject. Make sure there is a clear argument being made, and draw upon the sources you found!

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