Conduct Your Own Social Engineering Experiments. While At A Restaurant, Convenient History homework help

Conduct your own social engineering experiments.
You are required to deliver a presentation that demonstrates your understanding of human immunity. Your presentation must include the three sections outlined below.
Show that you understand non-specific defences against disease by describing the first and second lines of defence giving specific examples, e.g. barriers to infection, inflammation, fever, role of macrophages etc.
You should use diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.
Demonstrate that you understand specific immunity by covering the areas below.
• Explain the third line of defence e.g. acquired immunity and sensitivity to antigens, the roles of different types of immune cells and immunoglobulins.
• Explain self-recognition and tolerance to own tissues and rejection of transplanted organs.
• Describe two specific immune system disorders e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Dermatographia, etc.
You should use diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.
Show that you understand the biology of vaccination by covering the criteria below.
• Describe the categories of acquired immunity including natural, artificial, passive and active.
• Explain the immune response to vaccination including immunological memory.
• Evaluate the benefits of vaccination by analysing measles infection rates in the UK between 1940 and the present day.
• Discuss the concept of herd immunity, vaccination programmes and factors effecting vaccine uptake.
You should use diagrams to support your commentary where appropriate.
You will need to produce a set of slides using PowerPoint or similar software. You can then use these to support the delivery of your presentation. Any notes that you have used to support the delivery of your presentation must also be submitted.
Your presentation will need to be video recorded and the relevant file submitted as part of your assignment. The video must clearly show you delivering the presentation with your slides in the background. A copy of the slides you have written and used will also need to be submitted.
Your presentation should be a maximum of social engineering experiments is 20 minutes in duration.
This time limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the time limit for this assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback.
i will be doing the presentation in the video, just the presentation needs doing thankyou!
Note: 300 words with intext citations and references needed

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