Computer Programming C++ I’ve attached my file. please follow all the instruction and complete it within 2 days. 1 CSCE 1030 Lab 2 General Guidelines:

I’ve attached my file. please follow all the instruction and complete it within 2 days.


CSCE 1030 Lab 2

General Guidelines: (for ALL of your programming assignments and labs)

• Use meaningful variable names.

• Use appropriate indentation.

• Use comments, especially for the header, variables, and blocks of code. Please
make sure that your submitted code has comments as points may be deducted for a

lack of comments.

Example Header:

/* Author: Jane Doe (
Description: A small description in your own words

that describe what the program does. Any

additional flags needed to allow the

program to compile should also be placed


A. Fixing Compilation Errors

Copy and paste the following program into a file called Lab2A.cpp, and then
compile the program. You will get some syntax errors. Pay attention to the type of
syntax error and note the line number in which the error has occurred. Fix each error
one-by-one, starting with the first error, and then recompile until there are no more
errors in the program. Finally, run the program and make sure it produces three lines
of output to the screen.


This is a block comment.

The block comment ends after this line.

/This is a single line comment. The program starts after this.

include <stream>

using namespace std

int main( )


out < “There are multiple syntax errors in this code./n”;

out << “These need to be fixed before you submit it.n’;

count >> “Fixed by [ENTER YOUR EUID HERE].n”

return 0;



Once you find and correct all the syntax errors (you should get a new file called a.out
when you compile), add your EUID as indicated and then compile and execute your
program. Your output should look something like the following (except with your EUID
instead of pls0112):

There are multiple syntax errors in this code.

These need to be fixed before you submit it.

Fixed by pls0112.

Even though it may compile, if it does not print out all three lines, then it is not working
completely as expected. Go back as needed to figure out what error still exists if it
doesn’t work exactly as specified. Feel free to reference the Lab 01 programs you
worked with last week or the class lecture notes to see what a good program looks
like. Note that you will submit this file to Canvas.

B. Declaring, Initializing, and Printing Variables

The following program contains missing code. Specifically, you are to fill in the missing
code as directed below:

• Declare variable var1 as an integer, var2 as a character, and var3 and var4
as floating-point numbers, but do not initialize these variables yet.

• Next, assign 40 as the value of var1.

• Then, assign var2 to be the uppercase first letter of your last name. Now, assign

var3 to be the floating-point number 4.6.

• Finally, seeing as the var4 contains the result of an arithmetic expression, print
out the result of var4 to the terminal. Be sure to print a newline after the result.


Complete the missing code and save the file as Lab2B.cpp, making sure it compiles and
check your result that is output to the screen, making sure the operation result is correct.
Note that you will submit this file to Canvas.

C. Writing a Simple C++ Program

Write a small, but complete C++ program called Lab2C.cpp that calculates the
volume of a sphere as follows:

a. Declare a floating-point constant named pi and initialize it to the value of

b. Prompt for and read in a floating-point number variable for the radius of the
sphere in cm and store in the variable radius.

c. Compute the volume using the formula:


∗ ∗

and save the result in the variable named volume.

Use the C++ power function to compute the cube.

d. Finally, print out a statement that provides the user the calculated volume of
the sphere in cubic cm.

For example, my output might look like this:

$ ./a.out

Enter the radius of the sphere (in cm): 1

The volume of the sphere is:4.18879 cubic cm

Note that you will submit this file to Canvas.

Now that you have completed this lab, it’s time to turn in your results. Once you’ve moved
the files to your windows machine (using winscp), you may use the browser to submit
them to Canvas for the Lab2 dropbox.

You should submit the following files:

• Lab2A.cpp

• Lab2B.cpp

• Lab2C.cpp

Ask your TA to check your results before submission. The above two files MUST be
submitted to Canvas by the end of your lab section.


Now that you’ve finished the lab, use any additional time to practice writing simple
programs out of the textbook, lectures, or even ones you come up with on your own to
gain some more experience.

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