Clinic/health manager

Clinic/health manager

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Select a professional healthcare administrative position for which you believe you will be qualified upon graduation. I choose to write on healthcare/clinic manager.

2. Research the position and describe, using publicly available data and information sources, the responsibilities of this job, the scope of responsibility, typical remuneration, and supervisory responsibilities.  What does the person in the position do on a day-to-day basis?
You can talk about the educational and licensing requirements, job outlook, salary, employment opportunities in different health settings, rewards and challenges in this job. 

3. Within what kind of organization is this position generally situated? How would one go about finding and securing such a position?

Identify someone in this or a similar position and talk to them about these questions (expert interview). How would you utilize what you have studied in this course so far should you attain this job?  Be specific with the terms you used. (leadership skills, management, performance improvement, and strategic planning are the topics learned in class)

4. Utilize a minimum of three credible or scholarly (3) sources to research your career topic.

5. Please include an introduction, body of the paper, and conclusion.

6. Format should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and a 12 point font.

7. Submit a paper of at least 3 pages excluding cover, attachments, and bibliography in APA format. 

Note: In-text citations should also be in APA format. 

Original and quality work, please.

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