Child development Assignment #1
Watch and Write a few paragraphs  on the Video
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Assignment #1
Watch and Write a few paragraphs  on the Video

Assignment #2

Write about what you learned in this video.

Assignment #3
answers the questions

How were you feed as an infant?
Were you breastfed or formula fed?  For how long?  What type of formula?  When were you introduced to solids?  How do you think this experience impacted you?
What type of nutrition education did you receive as a child?
Were you explicitly taught about nutrition at home or school?  What type of role models did you have?  How do your childhood habits compare to your current habits?
Have you ever gotten food poisoning?
What do you think the food safety issue was?  How did this experience impact your behavior concerning food safety?
How have your experiences and culture impacted how you relate to food?
Do you feel you have a positive/negative relationship with food? 

Assignment #4

First define, addiction and provide examples.  In what ways can one have non-substance use addiction?  What are some potential contributors/causes of substance abuse, according to your text?  How can social workers prevent addiction?  What are the components of an assessment?
Finally, please review the Ted talk by Johan Hari. What is he arguing is problematic about he way we treat addicts and what is he arguing is a more effective intervention?  How do his arguments relate to social work ideals?

YouTube video ( Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong TedTalk Johann Hari TED Talks 720p)

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