case study on Netflix 1.    Abstract: Give an excellent pen picture of the case study Marketing – Coursework

1.    Abstract: Give an excellent pen picture of the case study in about 200 words – remember less is more but clarity is the key (10%). Try to cover the key points from the case study.
2.    2. Title and Introduction: A catchy title (e.g. innovation sparks movie magic in case of a case study written on Pixar) and brief introduction of the company and its business (10%).
3.    3. Strategic Vocabularies: A critical analysis of how the mission, vision, values, and slogan (if any) of the company contribute towards promoting a culture that leverages innovation (10%).
4.    4. Culture-Driven Innovation: Explain the culture of the company in a compelling way and find its link to innovation (10%).
5.    5. NPD Process: Explain innovation /product development process of the company (10%).
6.    6. Innovation Strategy: Explain the company’s innovation strategy/ rules of innovation (10%).
7.    7. Attitude to Risk-taking: Explain the company’s risk-taking attitude and to what extent it facilitates innovation (10%).
8.    8. Recommendations: Showing your analytical, cognitive, creative and research skills make recommendations for the company as to how a more innovative culture can be developed – (10%).
9.    9. Reflection: How you were challenged while completing this coursework and what you learned; what went well, what went wrong and what will you do in retrospect (10%).
10.    10. References: Evidence of secondary research supported by citations within the paper and by the list of references at the end of the paper (10%).

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