Business Strategies Attached you will find 2 posts by 2 different students. You need to respond to each separately with your opinion on what they wrote abo

Attached you will find 2 posts by 2 different students. You need to respond to each separately with your opinion on what they wrote about (give them feedback) Also extend your discussion, whatever you would like to add to what they wrote about (make sure add references) 

No wikipedia or blogs accepted 

Briefly review the market model that you believe best fits your firm, and then describe at least three implications of that market model for the firm you are studying

Student 1: Chavely Jimenez Reyes

The attention-based platform model, which allows the company to perform activities to discover possibilities or focus on new ideas, is the business model that closely suits Alphabet Inc. Attention is a critical aspect of an organization’s activities and performance because it is a mechanism for allocating cognitive and organizational resources. Experts explain that internal actors constantly make arbitrages as they address a restricted number of concerns by allocating different forms of attention since attention is limited (Laszczuk & Mayer, 2020). Alphabet Inc. uses these processes to enable the innovative mentality required to produce for the various divisions in the company through their attention based platform delivery standards. By undertaking the challenge to focus on managerial efforts that allow the safe and integral delivery of goods and services, the company is able to successfully expand into new ventures through their framework and add or remove any components that are misguiding their performance.

Moving on, organizational transformation is one of the implications of this business model, since it benefits from the agility of new technologies, allowing for the development of new ways to create value for the market. In business ecosystems, competition will occur not only through new products, services, or technologies, but also through novel business models, known as business model innovation (Giovana & Behr, 2018). Another implication of this approach is part of Alphabet Inc.’s strategic planning, which includes simpler, more convenient, and cheaper products and services. However, because the introduction of some of these technologies might cause market disruptions, lower cost and lower profit margin products and services go hand in hand when it is time to make any decision. Globalization and the introduction of new information and communication technologies into the market put pressure on corporate ecosystems to the point where many companies concentrated on their business models to discover ways to adjust their structures in order to satisfy these demands (Giovana & Behr, 2018).

Lastly, attention-based approaches have been used in a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as emotion analysis and emotion recognition. In attention-based processes, word embeddings attempt to capture the features of the target’s neighbors and, as a result, capture word similarity (Kardakis, et al., 2021). These word vector representations transfer a word into a shared space while keeping its meaning, relationships, and semantic information. Similarly, Alphabet Inc.’s myriad divisions, use these processes to apply it to the individual who is using any one of their platforms in order to determine future behavior. In this manner, it can be said that another implication of this business model is to enable the user to be part of the transparency in relation to the data being acquired and how it is being manipulated.


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Student 2: Cleopatra Ashmeil

Hello everyone,

Firms are able to make decisions relative to what prices to charge for goods or services and the level of output needed based on the type of market in which they operate (Keat, Young, and Erfle, 2017, p. 337). In this case, I believe Xpo Logistics operates within a monopolistic competition, where there are a large number of firms selling the same product or service but act as price makers because of product differentiation. Product differentiation helps the firms to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. XPO uses technology to differentiate itself from its competitors. Ferris (2021) posits that “low barriers to entry make it easy for aspirants to start companies, and competition is fierce.”

As price makers, they are able to “set price at a level higher than the price established

by the forces of supply and demand” (Keat et al, 2017, p. 339). In addition, monopolistic

competition gives way to easy entry and exit in the market which “directly affects the ability of a

firm to earn economic profit in the long run” (Keat et al, 2017, p. 339). Xpo’s biggest competitors in the transportation and logistics market include C.H. Robinson, Landstar Systems, and J.B. Hunt who ” continue to expand in both industries to keep up with customer demand ” (Rasmussen, Miller, Straight, and Tamezuk, 2018).


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