Business Alert Write a recommendation report, in a memo format, to the CMO of the organization in the course scenario, describing the strategies to minimiz

Business Alert Write a recommendation report, in a memo format, to the CMO of the organization in the course scenario, describing the strategies to minimize the negative opinion from consumers. Refer to the Business Intelligence Memo to ensure adjustments and additions to the plan for stopping negative publicity. In your memo, emphasize the need for cross-functional effort alignment, crisis management, social media response methods, and CSR communications.
Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

Describe strategic changes in the plan to stop negative publicity.

Which two steps will you take to effectively address the negative publicity related to the park re-opening?

Describe the cross-functional effort alignment.

How can the organization’s sales and operations departments help address the negative publicity?
How can you use marketing channels to communicate the safety measures to the customers?

Explain how a crisis communication plan can improve the organization’s image, when aligned with ethical practices.

How would you use your public relations efforts in crisis communication?
How would you use your corporate website for crisis communication?

Describe the social media response methods to be used in this scenario.

How would you address negative comments?
How would you answer the safety-related questions?

Describe the corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications strategy in this scenario.

What are the key CSR initiatives and policies for the organization?
What are the key channels of communicating the CSR initiatives?

Guidelines for Submission
Submit a 1 page Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information. MEMO
To: Director of Marketing, U.S. Park Southeast
From: Director of Business Intelligence, U.S. Park Southeast

Re: Monitoring of Consumer Social Media Engagement
Date: June 1, 2021

Pursuant to your request, we contracted with a social media analytics-monitoring organization
to track customer behavior and conversations on social, digital, and traditional channels. By
monitoring and analyzing these conversations, we can define emerging trends, identify
actionable insights, and optimize the impact of our brand strategies and communications

We have received two consecutive monthly reports with the following critical insights from
potential and existing consumers. These reports are consistent and statistically valid based on
the number of observations.

1. There is a significant and growing concern for the safety of park customers and
employees. While not grounded in a recurrence of the incident prior to closing the parks
earlier this year, it is clear that there is a growing perception of risk for future safety-
and injury-related incidents.

2. There is significant evidence of negative consumer and employee opinions as to the

reasons for a “quick” reopening of the park. The overriding consensus is that the park
has reopened for profit without stakeholder safety as the priority.

3. It is our opinion that damage has occurred to the brand image and that while safety

issues have been addressed in a highly effective manner, the negative implications for
the brand can only be reversed through aggressive and strategic brand management
efforts. This certainly includes marketing alignment with those efforts.

We will continue to monitor, analyze, and report on this situation on a monthly basis.

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